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  1. let me know if anyone does a NW gathering, please
  2. too funny!!!!
  3. what wonderful memories that you had of this special treat over the years and that you successfully made it too!
  4. I bet this jam is so yummy! would love to try it someday. Yes, and thanks for the translation!!
  5. This is so sweet, she is a charmer and your LO is fabulous in capturing her!
  6. This is so soft and pretty, perfect for baby!
  7. This is so pretty!
  8. It looks beautiful!!
  9. Guess What? We are adopting Bradley, our foster son, on Nov 17th, National Adoption Day!!!

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    2. Dady


      Congratulations, it's great!

    3. Westina


      Congratulations to you and your family!

    4. Smiles


      Congratulations!  So happy for you all.

  10. I forgot to say that I got the quote off the internet--it was used in The Notebook. (I think it is a great quote)
  11. This is another page (actually it is two pages) in my journal for my daughter-in-law to write in about her wedding. I am excited to make this for her. And I used SG products such as, SRO-EMB Photo Mask and her Book Creases and BMU-Neutral, All About Marriage by TCS (now that is going way back). Also used DDS-Winter Rustle.
  12. You really made a sharp looking LO! so interesting to read what you wrote.
  13. The layers really add even more interest to your wonderful photo.
  14. Your LO is stunning!
  15. This is so cute, the worn and torn look worked really well on your LO. I have been trying it out too. And the curly string is a perfect addition.