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    I am thankful for God's mercy, he forgave my sin and saved me. God is very good!
  1. so pretty and springy! love it!!
  2. awwww, so sweet and feminine, love the colors you used too.
  3. Marilyn, I can't believe you did that!!! You are amazing for doing that, plus you look like you are meant to be a Go Kart Racer! Really like your circle of photos too. So, what is your next challenge to meet?
  4. The table is beautiful, of course your daughter is too! But it all looks so pretty. It was in your home, right? You made all those deserts?! lovely LO, you are so creative, my daughters would be shocked if I made something that beautiful.
  5. Bradley was helping Alexi find a hidden Easter Egg under a rock. At times they can be best of friends. I dug through all my SG collections and also used the tutorial on turning photos to sepia, that was so helpful! I didn't use the last step, but at least I tried to follow the directions.
  6. You have captured some really neat photos of your daughter and the way you placed them is really eyecatching----sigh....can I just steal the center heart from you with all the elements attached??? Your daughter ought to make this into a large framed picture to hang it up.
  7. love your country photo and LO, the rustic layering is great!
  8. Some of our grown kids are spread out over the country, so I really appreciate any pictures that they send. I dug through my SG stash for the different elements to make this LO.
  9. I love the lines of color, your photos capturing her expressions and your journaling of deep caring on your part, she is gifted with a grandma that loves her!
  10. very creative!
  11. This is very cute, ideal way to use the poem. and I like the colors too!
  12. how fun to be able to go and enjoy the day! Your cluster is fabulous!
  13. I remember ET hiding --that was so funny. You sure did a great job, the closet/window door is great!
  14. This is so sweet- the photo and all that you put together, love the angles too! I just want to scraplift it for my girls....
  15. I am so impressed with your artistic ability and telling us about yourself! Is your husband in the AF or you?