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  1. I really like the different elements you added to your wonderful LO to make it so rich! There is a lot to look at and discover.
  2. that is interesting about the paw paw fruit! Your title is neat, you got a lot of patience for a puzzle.
  3. fantastic! Every comment adds another layer to your LO, thanks for sharing this!!
  4. my boys would love to join in and get muddy. You made a wonderful LO! I like your daughter's look that she gives!
  5. I think I hear the call, as soon as my kids go to Bible school I will come! very well made!
  6. it was so funny reading it the first time and the second time is even better!
  7. yes, what you made is awesome - the repeated lettering blended in overlay is just so pretty! Sorry, that your dad didn't offer to sell it to you. My brothers are already thinking there is going to be a feud when mom passes and the farm is to be divided. And there might be, but glad you god this picture!
  8. great only 2 years to go for you! Spokane is on the other side of the state, but would love to meet up sometime or you could take a little trip here--- we have a travel trailer that works out great as a guest bedroom for company and lot of room to play for kids (since we have 6 younger kids- your daughter is close in age to two of ours.) I only served 3 years in Army security agency listening to the Russians and got out because I got pregnant with our first son. we have a son that has 3 years more to go, Army warrant officer, there is a long shot that maybe he can teach history in the military which he would love to do. Getting deployed is so hard for his family. So, what job are you applying for?? Do you have family in Spokane? It is a beautiful area. Our daughter sure benefitted with having jobs after she served in the AF.
  9. so glad to see this LO that expresses how leaving impacts families, we have military sons too and it is so hard on the kids left. Like your stacked photos and the patriotic theme is very effective. Bless your sons!
  10. awww, this is so sweet! like how your journaling let into the word art, the photo is very dear of the family and I like the colored frame too.
  11. How pretty is this!
  12. great spot to take a hike break, your LO is wonderful!
  13. I totally repeat the above. (are you in the military?)
  14. this is lovely, the paint splots remind me of an old peeling bench that sat for years outside, and I like the pin too.
  15. I send them all to a book company and have books made up for our 19 kids, mainly do it for the grandkids- because we don't get to see a lot of them, but I was told they love the books- pics of them, cousins and us. Several grandbabies ago I started making them their baby book for the first year- the moms really appreciate it, but I get behind on the wedding books.