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  1. My goodness you are accomplished and organized- I think that is great. I struggle at that, but happy to play at making scrappy LOs and willing to try new ways of doing things. Nice to meet you here
  2. A reminder of what has affected us all, but I am very thankful for family and friends and common sense.
  3. This is such a happy summer LO, gives everything to smile about, the lavender matches the wildflowers, love the farm look.
  4. DixieLee

    Every Day has a Story

    The softness and dreamy look does lend itself to a new story.
  5. I really wish my mind understood how to make my new computer work like my old computer for using the SG stuff- I don't even know where it is at on my new computer, sigh....

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    2. SodScrap


      Definitely the downside of a new computer!  Good luck!

    3. alsoarty


      Nice! You’ll work it out. What computer did you get?

    4. DixieLee


      I got a Dell computer- I am going to figure it out one way or another- I still haven't made any LOs.

  6. This is very inspiring since the 4th is coming right up!
  7. DixieLee

    Happy Both

    This is a happy LO, like the refreshing cheerfulness. And the spring colors add fun!
  8. I would say the same, proud dad and beautiful bride, love her dress and I love the style of the dress- so elegant.
  9. DixieLee

    New Dad

    That is amazing photo of your son being a first time father. wonderful tribute to him!
  10. My mom who has Alzheimer's is sitting beside me and said that she likes your recipe! Which is remarkable, considering she hardly talks anymore. So, thank you for your winning recipe!!
  11. Is this is Arizona or one of the dry hot states? cool LO if we all just followed this advice we could keep the earth clean for our grandchildren.
  12. DixieLee

    Photographer Dad

    I am guessing this is for Dad- what a tribute! Very cool in this timeless LO!
  13. DixieLee

    Pearl Harbor View

    What a great collection that you showcased here, and the way you inserted his photo is perfect, you ought to be proud of putting this together for him!
  14. I really appreciate the relaxed cuddle and how your embellishments tie in so well with the photo and showing your son-in-law off, really a winning LO.
  15. how cute is this!! Wonderful LO, love the colors and the sheep and owl!
  16. Hi Marilyn , we sure miss your sweet comments on all our layouts! love to hear from you.

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    2. mimes1


      Hi Marilyn! Miss you!

    3. DixieLee


      I feel like you have so connected with us all and I appreciate it a lot :)


    4. Mikelle


      I agree, we miss you Marilyn!  Hope you can come back to us soon.

  17. I will have to look for your work--been here for 14 years, have kids and they take a lot of attention, speaking of attention my 66 year old mind is having days of trying to pay attention. You will love it here and expressing a creative side
  18. DixieLee

    Splash Pad Fun

    I appreciate the different styles of frames and softer look.
  19. Beautiful! very elegant.
  20. DixieLee

    A walk

    Really like how you displayed your photos and the summer cheerfulness, neat way to preserve your great memories!
  21. I really appreciate how you blended outside the frame. very cool!
  22. DixieLee


    very well done! Like your theme and the layers.
  23. does SG have any papers or elements with cacti on it?


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    2. SodScrap


      Syndee has THESE cute cacti embellishments

    3. SodScrap


      Laura Louie's Homebody has come cacti embellishments

    4. SodScrap


      And Cheré has some in Looking Sharp

  24. really appreciate your work!
  25. wow, the church is impressive. Like your added lace underneath and paper, very pretty!
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