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  1. Have a very happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday, Trixy!

  3. Love the purple with the b/w photo. Excellent job putting together all 7 requirements.
  4. Seems pretty talented to me. I agree that it's great that you're saving his work.
  5. TrixyA

    so much more

    What a beautiful photo and such an appropriate verse. Love the texture that you developed into the photo.
  6. I really like your date stamp. It's really unique.
  7. I really like the effect of having the words embossed directly into the canvas.
  8. Very cool effect. I love playing around with software and coming up with something amazing.
  9. Beautiful layout! The colors are just wonderful and I love the frame.
  10. Your card is lovely-- love the leaf in the title art. This sounds really yummy. I am allergic to wheat and have to make my stuffing with rice. This will translate very nicely.
  11. TrixyA

    Vegetable Potjie

    Yum! I am freezing in my office today and can't decide which of these wonderful recipes I'll make tonight. They all look wonderful!
  12. Disney Ratatouille character: dan-dare.org/FreeFun/Games/CartoonsMoviesTV/RatatouilleWallpaper1024.htm Paper: BHA_Stylize_12x12_MulticolorStripe.jpg, BHA_Stylize_12x12_CreamCheckWash.png BHA_Stylize_12x12_RedTexturized.png Vegetable images: http://www.slowcookerrecipes.net.au
  13. What a unique idea! This would be fun and delicious on a cold, rainy day.
  14. I love how the colors you've chosen bring out those beautiful blue eyes!
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