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  1. HDI Shadow Basics, SNU Hand Tint Action, BMU Inked text, SNU Flea Market Frame, SNU Picturesque word strip, STI ZipKit Holiday baking paper, BMU Aged Metal Action Scrapgirls oldie but goodies.
  2. The last few times I just faked what I didn't know. It is different than a few years back. What is the copyright button about? What is the credit button about? How do I use these? Thanks. I am sure this has been answered, so you can just point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  3. Used an oldie from Brandy Murry. Jif6 Natural Beauty. The 80's. Gosh we were cute.
  4. lori92760

    Sun and waves

    And of course a typo I have to fix. UGH.
  5. lori92760

    Sun and waves

    I used the frame from Scrapgirls Flea Market set and the shadow on the fram was from Scrapgirls BMU Mega lift. The watercolor textures were from a freebie, the sun a free clipart clipped to another water color texture. I practiced cutting out my own waves and warping them and doing my own shadows and inner and outer glows.
  6. This is one of my paintings. Then I scrapped it as a background.
  7. This is still one of my favorite kits from scrapgirls --SNU_FleaMkt. This is myself and my mom and then each of my kids and my mom about 7 years apart.
  8. Ok, well I fussed and inverted and messed with the contrast and brightness and shadows and highlights and I am sure there is an easier way....
  9. I am at working but I started working on a flower this morning. Got rid of the background. Made it black and white, inversed it and exaggerated the contract and brightness. I will mess around more when I get home and share.
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