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  1. lori92760

    Sun and waves

    And of course a typo I have to fix. UGH.
  2. lori92760

    Sun and waves

    I used the frame from Scrapgirls Flea Market set and the shadow on the fram was from Scrapgirls BMU Mega lift. The watercolor textures were from a freebie, the sun a free clipart clipped to another water color texture. I practiced cutting out my own waves and warping them and doing my own shadows and inner and outer glows.
  3. This is one of my paintings. Then I scrapped it as a background.
  4. This is still one of my favorite kits from scrapgirls --SNU_FleaMkt. This is myself and my mom and then each of my kids and my mom about 7 years apart.
  5. Ok, well I fussed and inverted and messed with the contrast and brightness and shadows and highlights and I am sure there is an easier way....
  6. I am at working but I started working on a flower this morning. Got rid of the background. Made it black and white, inversed it and exaggerated the contract and brightness. I will mess around more when I get home and share.
  7. So I used this flower or one like it and make this stamp. Any clue how I did that?
  8. I know you adjusted contrast. I want to delete all unnessary "stuff" from the photo and have this nice leafy branch. Of which, I am sure there are already a million brushes. But I there is something about my leaf, my picture, etc.
  9. Several years ago I created my own brush from a photo of a flower in my yard. So it had background to be rid of etc. I cannot find out how I did it. I am certain it was here, because this was where it all started for me. Do we have a tutorial like that? Could someone point me in the direction of one? Thank you so much.
  10. A painting I did, then photographed. I put it in photoshop and used a glitter action and the wing is Scrapgirls SNU_AYO_CollageArt_Wings

    © my paper heart

  11. The background is a photo of a painting I did. I then used a black mask and brushes by Maya and SSparrow to let the painting show thru.
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