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  1. The background is a photo of a painting I did. I then used a black mask and brushes by Maya and SSparrow to let the painting show thru.
  2. I guess it has been awhile since I have been here. I used to click on my name at the upper right of the screen and it would have a link to my gallery. I cannot find that and no longer know how to upload to it. Help please.
  3. this is a picture of a canvas that i did an acrylic pouring on. I added text and used the paint part of the canvas to mask the text. the brush is from K. Pertiet Letterbox patterns. i have a hard time with change and the last six months have been a roller coaster of change, not much of it good. my head says "this is it, start here" but my heart is sad. i just have to turn the page...
  4. How fun has this been. My sisters and I have been keeping track of April. I live in Illinois, Heidi lives in Florida and Glor lives in California. It has been fun to be "together". I used Scrapgirls ACA ss paper sanded special, BHA BlsmBlm tropical leave, SNU life is sweet, ACU Modern love, BMU mega life, ASO Textured cardstock, MRE paper tear, SNU AYO collage art the Giraffe is a digital stamp by pink gem designs. The journaling is from my instagram post.

    © ©mypaperheart

  5. today was quite the day at work. at one point today i was repeating "i can show grace, i can show grace", certainly not because i felt it, because it was the right thing to do. i got home and looked at the news and what i read coupled with the day and stuff came out. the good part of today is i did not hit anyone and i can save my bail money for another day. i used lots of different elements but the words are mine.

    © ©mypaperheart

  6. we were in Milwaukee for the weekend and were at a beach on lake Michigan. I knew when I saw this I had to scrap it. Tough times. Great message. I used scrapgirls snu art journal layout, snu picturesque paper, tcs all about marriage, ksc rough hewn and bva grungelle brushes.
  7. For my sisters.
  8. This is at least 3 years old. The picture is 50 years old. Not great quality. sledding 1966
  9. I got this three years ago, certainly not my oldest, but old in digital years! Plus, the picture is 50 years old. Ugh, I am old. But I remember this day. My dad must have had off or went without sleep because he worked nights. I used only scrapgirls kitschy xmas, except the stitches and i am not sure about those.
  10. showcasing eric's grandmothers brooch.
  11. Trying to show a bit of a very old church. i do not often scrap more than one photo.
  12. This photo was not stellar. A bit blurry. I used lots of filters to make it look like it was intentional.
  13. love this style.
  14. i almost forgot my trusty scrapgirls mega lift action and shadow basic action.
  15. i love the blendy thing right now. scrapgirls: collage art, flea market, altered art paper, also some kpertiet and nbk designs