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  1. JenniferZ

    April Monthly Challenge #4

    This is lovely!! Gorgeous treatment of this photo -- it really makes your subject pop. And I like the neutral accented with a wee bit of color. Perfect quote, too. Nice work!
  2. JenniferZ


    What a sweetie! I love this page -- especially your use of white space and the rectangular text paths to repeat the square shapes of the photos. Lovely clustering and arrangement under the photos, as well. Nice work!
  3. JenniferZ

    March Madness 2019 #4 - Village Life on Halong Bay

    Love these colorful boats! I like how your background papers mirror the colors in the photos. What a cool trip this must have been!
  4. JenniferZ

    March Madness 2019 #3 - Local Fishermen

    What a perfect use of this OOB frame! It really sets the mood of this page with its grungy feel. What a fabulous experience -- do you know if they actually caught anything?!
  5. JenniferZ

    Mar 27 NL Challenge

    Oh, I love this!!! Love the mix of patterns in the background and your gorgeous use of white space. Lovely work!!
  6. JenniferZ

    March ATC 2 - black and white

    What fabulous use of this word art! I really like the imagery you chose here -- it's perfect. Your arrangement has great balance, too. Nice work!!
  7. JenniferZ


    Great use of white space! You created great balance here with your stacked papers and fabulous cluster. Nice work!
  8. JenniferZ

    Project 2019, Week 03

    That little scamp! She is adorable, though -- and I think they know that's the reason we keep them around. Your post-storm sky pic is gorgeous!
  9. JenniferZ

    January 22 - Chateau Lake Louise

    I love the way snow looks on evergreens! The red accents really make this page pop -- nice work!
  10. JenniferZ

    Siggie Jan2019

    Pretty! Perfect siggy for the new year!
  11. JenniferZ

    Week 40

    Congratulation on your new job! I love the placement of your title, and your clusters and photo arrangement gives this page great balance.
  12. JenniferZ

    Tues Dec 18 Challenge - Tree

    What a heartwarming story. Your tree is darling! I really like how you kept the background neutral and added that little pop of red in your cluster. Great page!
  13. JenniferZ

    Carol of the Bells

    I LOVE this photo and your sweet story! The line you created with the clusters and the photo subject really gives this page great balance. Nice work!
  14. Happy New Year!!

    Aimee, your Club is gorgeous -- love it!!!

    1. Mikelle


      Happy New Year!

  15. Love your SS Club, Susie!!

    1. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      Thank you so much, Jennifer! Stamps are one of my all-time favorite design elements so I was in heaven before we even talk about Christmas!

    2. SodScrap