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  1. Wow -- what a full schedule! Great collection of shots and I like your "bullet point" journaling. I am LOL at Angie's little photo in your LO.
  2. Thank you both for the sacrifices you make! I really like your layering -- the photo frames, the flags, the stars, the buttons...Wonderful photo, too.
  3. I love the architectural structure of this LO! Really cool perspective on the photo and I like the title (and font) you chose here. Nice work!
  4. This is lovely! Beautiful images -I especially like the dragonfly. Love the brushwork mask on the BG paper and your corner cluster. Nice work!
  5. Checking in from OCNJ -- first full day here and the kids and I have pink noses and freckles already! 🔆🌊

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    2. April Showers

      April Showers

      Sounds fabulous. Enjoy!

    3. cyndals


      Have a blast!!! 

    4. DixieLee


      can't have summer without more freckles popping up!

  6. I have a lake kit in production right now!
  7. I'm working on a lake kit right now -- I'll try to hurry!
  8. That looks like a fun adventure!! I love that your BG looks like snow and ice. And did you deboss the footprints? It looks like you did and it's a great addition to this LO!
  9. I really like: Love the sun-washed color scheme!
  10. The trick here is the use of drop shadows. Not sure what program you are using, but if you can find the drop shadow setting (in PS it is in the layers panel), you can adjust them (or you should be able to adjust them) to be as wide, dark, and blurred as you want.
  11. Congratulations, Hilary!!!! Enjoy!
  12. Thanks, so much! This was my first set.
  13. Could you show us the layout? We'll be able to help you better if we can see it.
  14. I have long been a fan of Aude's dreamy, whimsical style! Love this one:
  15. Well, this is ridiculously hard! All of Brandy's products are amazing, but I'm always drawn back to: