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  1. Love this!! Your photos are amazing -- especially the moon-rise. Fantastic journaling -- what a great start to 2018!
  2. This is gorgeous! I love the perspective of the photo and it looks amazing with this template. This LO has great balance and it is perfectly accented with your cluster. Lovely work!
  3. What a great birthday card! I love the dangling star charms and how you blended the words into the BG. Nice work!
  4. OMG -- adorable! Love the blocking style LO here. I really like how you incorporated the brushes into your cluster. Great use of angles and white space, too. Nice work!
  5. Great mix of patterns. LOVE the photo treatment -- really cool effect! Your repeated use of circle shapes really draws the eye and anchors this page. Great job!
  6. Love this B&W patterned BG with the colorful accents. The editing you did on this photo really makes it pop! Great balance here, too (on the beam and off! lol)...Nice work!
  7. LOVE!!! Your photo really pops against this BG. What a beautiful family, too... I really like how you tucked the embellishments between the photo layers. Nice work!:)
  8. You can change the shape of the mask using transform. (In PS this is CNTRL+T) If you want to keep the proportions, hold the SHIFT key down while you pull on the corners. If you want to change the proportions (like make it only wider, or only taller) then just pull on the corners until you get it where you like it. PS has a bunch of warp features where you can really get in and change the shape. Not sure if PSE has something similar, but not doubt a PSE pro will be along shortly! HTH!
  9. Fantastic LO!! Love your journaling and the amazing cluster/border you created here. Really cool photo treatment, too. Nice work!
  10. Gorgeous! Love this color scheme and how the cluster looks like it could be the subject's barrette.
  11. Awwww, love...♥
  12. This is so cool -- we have this same tradition, but on Thanksgiving, not Christmas! This arrangement has great balance and I like how you used an image of the target; it really anchors the photos. Love the repeated use of circles and the transparent arrow pointing to the bulls-eye. Great work!
  13. First of all -- that looks delicious! Great photos, and I really like your use of the arrows.
  14. The kiddos in 2014 -- can't believe how fast time goes! This LO uses: January 2018 ScrapSimple Club *ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Photo Finish Blends Festive Forest Collection *This product is included with the club.
  15. Love this!!! Great color choices and I am crazy about the paper blending and how you used the scribble. Nice work!