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  1. I love this -- what a great idea! It seems you have a lot to be thankful for. Lovely shots here and I like the way you lowered the opacity on the house photo to use as a title BG.
  2. Gorgeous! Great photo -- love your additions to the cluster. Nice work!
  3. WOW -- what gorgeous photos! These images make a great two-page spread. Just lovely.
  4. What an amazing photo and experience! I really like the quote in the inked block. Nice work!
  5. LOVE the way this photo is framed!!! I love the way you blended the BG paper to make it look like a big gust of wind just scattered all those leaves. Really nice work!
  6. This photo is amazing! Love the cut-out greenery and the little flying butterflies and dragonflies.
  7. What a great place to be for Halloween! I love the photo masking and the spooky way you positioned the moon and clouds. Cool!
  8. SWEET!! Love the blended photos and the clustering.
  9. Oh, that looks like such a cool event! I really like the border/cluster you created here. Very cool Halloween-y page!
  10. GORGEOUS!! Great shots, perfect balance and lovely clustering. And I love the little orchard you created in the lower left corner. Nice work!
  11. Wow -- quite a month! I love the idea of little "blurb" journaling. I start out each year jotting a few notes down each day and by February I stop. Wish I could make the habit stick!! Great page!
  12. Nice! Love the use of UCLA's colors, and the graduation-themed embellishments. Congrats to your hubby -- 13 is his lucky number!
  13. Gorgeous photo and I love the inset photo with the feet on the leaves. Great quote, too -- nice work!
  14. Great idea -- very fun and informative!
  15. This caught my eye right away! Love the offset papers and your clustering around the photo is amazing.