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  1. Gorgeous shots -- I love the lifted frames!!! I really like the blended BG and your journaling is fab!
  2. WOW!!! What a gorgeous concept. Great blending and I love the fantastic scene you created here!!
  3. I like the stacked paper background and the offset frame. Kids sure do love their iPhones!
  4. Beautiful!!!! Great pic and I really like the blending and mixing of the papers. Gorgeous work!
  5. What a happy, sunny page! Super-sweet photo -- love all of the blending you did here.
  6. Lovely photo! Love the mix of patterns here. Great use of white space and fantastic clustering! Nice work!
  7. Amy, this is gorgeous!! I love the mix of textures and patterns you chose. Darling photos and I love how you blended the brushes into the BG. Nice work!!
  8. What a great idea! Love the clusters and the angles you used for your paper. Perfect cluster, too!
  9. I love the muted palette you chose here. It really makes your photo pop!
  10. A work of art!!!! So gorgeous!
  11. Yummy -- looks delicious -- I'll be making this!
  12. Love this! When I made this collection, it didn't occur to me that it would be so complementary to autumn recipe cards.
  13. This is so cute!!!
  14. For all of you who love heavily textured papers, and collaged papers, my newest collection is for you! Thank you all for your contributions to this thread. ♥