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  1. Can you tell I'm excited?
  2. I'll be leaving for the airport soon too! I have one more meeting at work before I can go (UGH). Can't wait to see everyone!
  3. My room is booked as well. ...And I should be sporting some new jewelry by then.
  4. Me too! Me three!
  5. I'm still holding off on my upgrade, but it's good to see the issues others are having so I will be prepared just in case. Yikes!
  6. Excellent news! Can't wait to see you again!!!! I'll probably see you before anyone else since we're arriving at nearly the same time! Can't wait!
  7. Yay! I just booked my flights and hotel! I'm flying American Airlines and arriving at MCI on Thursday @ 1:49 pm Departing Sunday at 9:29 am As long as someone can pick me up and get me back to the airport, I'm good to go! :yippee: I can't wait to see everyone!
  8. Checking the date and finances. I'll let you know soon if I can make it.