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  1. MargotW

    Mom at 17

    This photo of my mother was taken in Germany at the age of 17. She made the dress she is wearing. Credits in Exif Ooops - just noticed an error and I read it 3 times before I posted!
  2. I missed the Faith Journey again! I put it down for for Monday - duh!

    1. lorac


      Hey Margot, I hope you have a wonderful birthday today. Got to 'Shuffle off to Buffalo' now.

  3. Ditto to all the above!! Absolutely adorable!
  4. Caren - very cool! NEED to scraplift it!
  5. Jane, This is gorgeous! I love how you used the rolled edges! I definitely have to scrap lift this one! Well done!
  6. Spring siggie Bees Knees Collection used
  7. MargotW

    Feb Week 2 - Flash

    Tina - what a precious photo! The look on his face is priceless! The bounce off the ceiling gives a great effect! Great job! Team 3 - Sharpshooters
  8. Christy - your redo came out great! I hope you had a good time playing! Congratulations on your first layout! Can't wait to see more! Remember, have fun while you are learning!
  9. My layout of my granddaughter with the marshmallow removed! lol I tweeked the photo a little in LR
  10. MargotW

    Feb Week 1 - Light

    Tina - great shot! I love the richness of the colors and the light is perfect! Great depth of field - all in all -awesome job!
  11. What a cutie! Great job on the challenge!
  12. MargotW

    I AM

    Great job on the template and the photos!
  13. Very elegant and dramatic! Awesome job on photos and LO!
  14. MargotW

    Pink Snow Angel

    Cute layout! Love the pink with the black! Granddaughter is cute too!
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