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  1. MrsCropper

    Hello Again!

    I have been here a number of times before and I am back again! I was very active in 2016 until I had to move to Southern Illinois in June to help take care of my ill in-laws. Unfortunately, both passed away within a year of us moving and we moved from a rental house to their property that my husband inherited. It's out in the country and we went almost a year without internet! During all this, my mother became ill and I had to spend several months away from my husband helping with her. Things have finally calmed down and I'm wanting to start scrapping again. I'm looking forward to swaps, games and looking at everyone's beautiful layouts!
  2. MrsCropper

    Designing Kits

    I am interested I learning how to design kits but I have no idea where to begin. Are there classes, books or tutorials available somewhere to help someone get started? Thanks! Barb mrscropper