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  1. 10 years in March. I got a book about making digital cards for my birthday that year. I looked into free digital supplies stumbled onto SGs signed up for daily freebies and like many others was impressed with the quality as well as the amazing friendly atmosphere here.
  2. Love blue. Very pretty use of only one color. Fabulous!
  3. Happy Birthday - hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. I really like the effects. I also like the swirls!
  5. I really like the soft green and purples of this page! Nicely done!
  6. Love the effect! Beautiful!
  7. I just got Lightroom5 and have been working my way around it Loving it so far!! I was using the cropping tool and noticed that when I use the mouse to adjust the position it goes right when I move left and left when I move right, up when down, down when up? Is that supposed to be that way? it takes some getting used to. Is it adjustable?? Anyone else do it this way or is something wrong or is there a setting I need to change? TIA