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  1. Love blue. Very pretty use of only one color. Fabulous!
  2. Happy Birthday - hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. I really like the effects. I also like the swirls!
  4. I really like the soft green and purples of this page! Nicely done!
  5. Love the effect! Beautiful!
  6. Do we still contact April to get the name changed or is it different now? Thanks!
  7. I have another question for you. I recently bought Photoshop for a class at school, but I am still using my PSE for Scrapbooking because it has all of the actions and styles that I have purchased over the past 10 years. Do I have to buy all new tools for PS or are they compatible? I know that some PS tools aren't compatible with PSE, but does it work the other way?? I just have a lot of money invested in PSE to just switch over if I have to buy everything again.
  8. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I think she might use PSE with the Quick Pages. She can probably manage that by herself. She is currently living in the Philippines so I can't sit by her and help her out with it. It will help her to stretch though. It's good.
  9. My mom, who calls herself digitally challenged, has asked me about a scrapbooking program that she could just drop pictures into pre-made pages. Are you aware of anything out there like that? I think she would like to be able to save the files and print them at like Costco. I know some websites have albums like this but they print the books for you. I know there are the quick pages in the boutique that work on several programs out there. Is there a free program, or close to it, that these could be used on? PSE is too much for her. TIA
  10. I have been learning how to use illustrator from an online class through my local university. It's very difficult to get the instructor to get to my emails in a timely manner, so I thought I would try here. Someone here always knows! So if there is anyone familiar with it I hope you can help me out. Problem; When I use my pen tool to draw a line, I set my first anchor point and from then on I always have this string (line) attached. It never releases. I always have a line dragging along until I finish off the shape. I can't just draw lines from point to point, unless I change tools. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? It's the latest version of Illustrator. Thanks so much!!
  11. I just got Lightroom5 and have been working my way around it Loving it so far!! I was using the cropping tool and noticed that when I use the mouse to adjust the position it goes right when I move left and left when I move right, up when down, down when up? Is that supposed to be that way? it takes some getting used to. Is it adjustable?? Anyone else do it this way or is something wrong or is there a setting I need to change? TIA
  12. This page started out by working with the gold color of my shampoo bottle. It kind of morphed, but I like the way it turned out. SG Supplies used: BMU_JunkTrunk_Collection SNU_Picturesque_Collection BMU_SSCal_Blenders_2014_3_Mar_c_Blender