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  1. 10 years in March. I got a book about making digital cards for my birthday that year. I looked into free digital supplies stumbled onto SGs signed up for daily freebies and like many others was impressed with the quality as well as the amazing friendly atmosphere here.
  2. Love blue. Very pretty use of only one color. Fabulous!
  3. I really like the effects. I also like the swirls!
  4. I really like the soft green and purples of this page! Nicely done!
  5. Love the effect! Beautiful!
  6. I just got Lightroom5 and have been working my way around it Loving it so far!! I was using the cropping tool and noticed that when I use the mouse to adjust the position it goes right when I move left and left when I move right, up when down, down when up? Is that supposed to be that way? it takes some getting used to. Is it adjustable?? Anyone else do it this way or is something wrong or is there a setting I need to change? TIA
  7. Cindy this is beautiful! I can feel how much you put into this. I love the circle and clock elements which brought to mind the idea that time is eternal. Our relationships are eternal. Such a beautiful sentiment!
  8. I LOVE these colors! The words are beautiful! Just such a hopeful and lovely page!
  9. I really like this. I love the owl! I love the word strips and journaling! Fabulous!
  10. Oooh I love the portrait! All those pretty colors shining through. Lovely blending and pretty page.
  11. I love your choice of colors. I think you did a great job. Love the tea cup tower!
  12. Wow! This is fabulous! Very reflective page!
  13. Absolutely its art journaling! Very nice page. I like all the stencils, I haven't seen that in a while. It looks great. I really like the repeated stars.
  14. I like this a lot. There is a lot of you in this page. I like all the fonts that you used. It's also very soft. It's very beautiful!
  15. Supplies used: COL_Exotic Collection BMU_SSCal_Blenders
  16. Supplies used: COL_Exotic Collection BMU_SSCal_Blenders
  17. Garden_Girl

    2008-08 Josh

    I like seeing all those pictures on one page! Those are some fun papers and colors as well. Such a cute page!
  18. Wonderful page! I love swings!! Especially tire swings. It makes me feel so nostalgic!! I like the background blending of those fabulous colors.
  19. Yep it's clever! I love the photo blending! What a fabulous result! I love what you've done with the chalk as well. What a fun page!!
  20. Garden_Girl

    2013-08 Jackson

    Wonderful movement with the photos!! I love what you did with your page. It looks great!!
  21. I love that the feel of this page is also grungy/clean, just like the car! Great job with those red highlights. It does a great job accenting for the car! Fabulous job!! What a fun page. The car looks great!!!
  22. Love all the photos! It looks fabulous! Definitly a favorite!
  23. This page is actual scraplifted from this page. The moment I saw it I knew I wanted to use the same background idea of the slanted/stacked papers. I also saw this same idea in the Woodland kit from the SSClub this month. here SG_Supplies used: SNU_SSPaper_Woodlandia_PprSpecial.jpg, KME_Butterfly collection, SBA_SSAction_ShdwLayer_6501, SBA_SSAction_ShdwLayer
  24. Garden_Girl


    Fantastic blending!! This is my favorite color combo! Wonderful happy page.
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