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  1. I decided to check on the warrenty for one of the 3 TB hard drives that crashed and one was still under warrenty! The data can't be recovered but I get a new hard drive! Now to figure out a cloud service. Can't decide, Backblaze, Carbonite, or Crashplan....
  2. Barb, I didn't realize Carbonite was a cloud service, will check it out. Scrapgarden,I was looking at Backblaze today. I have great internet service, even when I'm in Mexico. I'll check out Crashplan tomorrow. Alsoarty, Dropbox is great but I have almost 2 T of stuff, so I just keep Docs on there and files I'm sharing. After losing 2 EHDs in 2 months I'm freaked out. Reviews say the larger they are, they more suseptible they are to failure due to motion and heat. Thanks Ladies!!!
  3. Does anyone use Adobe Revel as a backup plan? I lost 6 years of ScrapGirls files on an external hard drive. Angie Briggs sent them all to me! Now I need a backup plan and EHD only is not an option. Thanks all!