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  1. I went to Travelocity to book our room. It was cheaper than the regular rate. It was $113 plus taxes. I think their website quoted $124.
  2. Reserving room tomorrow for Cheri and I. I'm hoping Laura is going to get some of her local paper scrappers to come. It looks like a small group this time.
  3. KFiasco

    New Designer - Tami Miller

    Welcome, Tami, hope to see you around here a lot.
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    Photo Tips

    Thanks, Angie!
  5. KFiasco

    Pick a Gift Round 2

    I'd like 3, please.
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    Pick a Gift!!! Round 1

    22, please.
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    Balloon POP!

    17 54 77
  8. Thanks, Angie, love a good sale.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome back. I hope you don't find it too cumbersome to get around in this place that I'm sure has changed a lot since you were here.
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    Hello from Laguna Beach, CA

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    HI all

    Hi, Elwanda, nice to see you here.
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    Hi from the UK!

    Welcome and hope to see you around.
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    Spring 2017 Meet Up

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