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  1. Silly

    MM Layout #4: 3rd in On-Site Drawing!

    How exciting for Karlie and well deserved. Awesome LO to remember the event.
  2. Silly

    March Layout Madness LO #3

    Fun LO, love the bright colors and those cute photos.
  3. Silly

    MM LO 4

    This came out beautiful. I agree that removing one of the pics made it so much better. Your paper choices and embellishment cluster are perfect.
  4. Silly

    March Madness 2019

    Love this!!!! As an avid cyclist I'm always drawn to these, and they are beauties. Love the background and cancelled stamps.
  5. Silly

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Thanks for another fun week! I'll be camping with my BFF on our annual girls trip so I'll see you all in a week. Totems
  6. Silly


    ScrapGirls: SNU_Momento, ABR_Falling4U, ABR_YoursTruly,ABR_JustBU, BMU_Menagerie, KSC_RoughHewn, JCO_Solstice Fonts: Journal, Impact
  7. Silly

    Mar 23 WW Challenge - Fruit - Coconut

    Great page...really says "tropical" like the coconut tree. BTW, Selby Gardens is one of my most favorite places in Florida.
  8. Silly

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Thanks Diane. I found a great site that had 8 fun facts...now I just have to narrow it down to 3 to fit the LO.
  9. Silly


    Awww, she looks enamored. Sweet pic and LO.
  10. Silly

    Mar 26 NL Challenge

    Very pretty LO for some very pretty flowers. Love the Spring feel to this and your white space.
  11. Silly

    March Layout Madness 2019

    I moved the photos around a bit, putting the larger totem on the right and pulling it up towards the top corner to give some more weight there...I think I'm pretty happy with it now, but would still appreciate any suggestions.
  12. Silly

    March Layout Madness 2019

    That definitely describes the pictures.
  13. Silly

    March Madness 2019 #3 - Local Fishermen

    So glad you're back...the LO turned out beautifully. I love what you did with the pictures.
  14. Silly

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Well you threw me for a curve on that one because I thought I had the title and placement all figured out - was going with a simple "Totems" in the top right corner. The five word title wasn't as much of a challenge (I can always come up with words...LOL) as the placement. Some honest feedback would be appreciated because while I like the placement of the title, it feels like the top right corner could use something. Thanks.
  15. Silly

    March Layout Madness 2019

    That was pretty painless as I wasn't real crazy about the quality of one of the pics from DH's phone. I may still use a piece of the totem for an embellishment later...we'll see what the madness brings! It looks like egg salad with tomatoes for dinner...LOL.