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  1. Hi Debby, thank you so much and it definitely is nice to be back. I hope you and your husband are enjoying your new RV and are planning some exciting adventures in the future. My parents loved being on the road with their RV as they traveled around the country. Stay safe and be well.
  2. Happy New Year everyone! Count me in and I agree with Marilyn soups and stews sound really good.
  3. Good morning, not a problem 🤣...it happens to the best of us lol...have a great day. Thank you for hosting this game for us!
  4. Congratulations to all the winners! May you all have a very happy and healthy Holiday season!
  5. I think there might be an error in reporting who won... I picked number 18 and not number 5. I believe Linda Robin picked number 5. Laura actually posted that I picked her favorite number... LOL.
  6. Good morning, first my answers… Question 1 - 4 Different places Question 2 - Law & Order Series Question 3 - Print and place in albums, DVDs Question 4 - After my car accident and losing the use of my hands paper scrapping was difficult if not impossible. I saw an article about digital scrapbooking in a craft magazine while sitting in the BJ's checkout line. I bought the magazine and in the article it mentioned Scrap Girls and I have been a member since 2007. As a matter fact, the first customer service representative I had the pleasure of working with was Angie!
  7. Thank you so much April for hosting this game for us. Congratulations Jane and barbaraj
  8. May I please use 14… Thank you
  9. 21 for me please… Thank you
  10. oduct. So doesn't have to say Collection and can be any size Good morning Angie, I definitely am having one of my "I'm not the sharpest tack in the box" moments. I guess I'm just trying to figure out does it have to be a kit or can it be a standalone product? Thank you and I hope you are having cooler weather than we are in Jersey… Too hot ... too fast!
  11. Good evening, I have a question… Can they be any collection (mini, value pack, etc)? And does it have to say collection? Thank you so much and have a great evening!
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