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  1. What a beautiful way to express the thoughts and feelings so many people around the world are experiencing today. Sometimes the simplicity in an art design can send a message much more eloquently. Beautiful!
  2. LindaH57

    March 2019 Recipe Swap

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Gluten Free Vegan Irish Soda Bread
  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I make this for my niece Wendy who has to be on a gluten free diet.
  4. LindaH57

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Don't worry Debby I've got your back… Rounding up the chickens with my wheelchair as we speak... You'll have all the eggs you need!
  5. LindaH57

    March Layout Madness 2019

    so much Mikelle for your help with my questions during my layout. Now you want me to take 2 papers away after finding 6 for layout 2...I can't throw anymore so I'm pulling a cart filled with tomatoes around to my fellow scrappers!
  6. LindaH57

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Hi, here is my first attempt at the Monthly Layout Madness... You definitely have the title correct ! MLM-1 Love Saved Us
  7. LindaH57

    MLM-1-Love Saved Us.jpg

    If you are interested you can visit In-Sync Exotics Facebook page for more information on the work they do to rehabilitate abused animals.
  8. LindaH57

    March Challenge Chase

    Here is my layout for the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge #2 Reflection
  9. LindaH57


    Thank you so much for your comments....
  10. LindaH57

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 12th March

    Hi... Here is my first time creating a layout for this challenge… It is for Tuesday's newsletter #2 - Reflections
  11. Good morning, I have a general question about layouts, challenges and requirements since I am just starting to create and post. So, when asked for a certain number of papers, embellishments, etc... An item cannot be duplicated and counted... Is this correct? Thank you for all the help you continue to provide me and other new scrappers! SG rocks!!

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    2. MariJ


      Hi Linda!  We had a nice day in West Orange, too; my car registered over 50º at one point!   You can ask on the challenge thread, but most likely you should use 5 different papers for fun and the challenge! Some ideas are you can cut up one paper and use strips on your page, or even use one as a border around the layout.  Or you can even clip one to a frame, the possibilities are endless!   :D 

    3. Boatlady


      Marilyn cleared it up I think and like she said there  are no scrapping police so not to worry. You could use a paper twice and adjust the hue or saturation a little on one and that would work too.

      I see you are from Tom's River our last boat was a Mainship and they used to make them there. We actually went there a few times on our boat years ago, we always had fun there.

    4. SodScrap


      I duplicate and consider it one!!  So I could have 4 copies of one flower and just count it as one.  Again, no scrapping police here.  Have fun and enjoy.  :D 

  12. LindaH57

    March Challenge Chase

    Hi Celestine, Like you I am new to posting to the challenges...that being said, you'll find the members and staff at Scrap Girls go above and beyond with their support and encouragement. I have found the only question that is silly is the one I don't ask. I can tell you personally that I've had to ask my own questions about posting and the requirements for this month challenges. Don't be intimidated, relax and let your creative juices flow! Have a great day!
  13. LindaH57

    March Layout Madness 2019

    so much Mikelle for your help...I really appreciate it 7 photos, 4 papers, 3 word title...be back with 7 embellishments...
  14. LindaH57

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Good evening, I hate to bother you again with another question but does the layout have to be a 12 x 12? I usually scrap 8.5 x 11 because my family prefers the pages to fit into their photo albums. Thank you so much for your time and have a great evening!