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  1. Hi everyone! I hope you and your families are all doing well and are staying safe during these difficult times. I was out on Amazon today and noticed that PSE 2020 for both PC/MAC is on sale today only for $59. Hang in there and remember we're in this together... Keeping you all my prayers!

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    2. LindaH57


      Hi Andrea, Mikelle, Marilynn and Diane! Thank you so much for your well wishes… So far everything is going okay at home and we are all adjusting to the mandatory stay in place. My spouse is a teacher so everything is being done through Google Classroom. Today we found out that the principal has lost six friends to the virus and more cases are now being reported in Camden County, New Jersey. My spouse teaches at Cherry Hill High School West. We were informed today that a parent from Cherry Hill High School East tested positive and had attended the West school play during the time she was considered contagious. Neither my spouse or I attended the play but so many students did. We will now just wait and see how many individuals will be affected. I hope you, your family and friends are doing well and staying safe. Thanks again and take care of yourselves!
      Hugs, Linda

    3. MariJ


      This is all so scary;  all we can do is our best to keep safe...   So sorry to hear that Linda...   Take care..

    4. Boatlady


      Oh Linda, How kind of you  to wish us all well, that goes right back to you. How sad so many people near you are affected. This is just such a terrible thing to happen. Now the US has more cases than anywhere else! How could that happen with all the precautions we have taken...good thing we are doing the things we are doing to stay healthy.

      Stay in stay safe and keep in touch.

  2. LindaH57

    Biggest Digi Scrapping Frustration

    I'm glad I'm not the only who spends too much time going through my stash to look, organize, plan, etc. Someone suggested to me to use either Adobe Organizer or ACDSee...any thoughts on using these programs? I'm an old dos user from 1984 and have been using an old Dbase format.
  3. LindaH57

    Cone Head

    OMG! That's just too funny ...Thank you for the laugh...may you all stay well
  4. LindaH57

    February 2020 Recipe Swap

    Hi, here is my soup recipe Autumn Shrimp Soup
  5. LindaH57

    LindaH57 -AUTUMN SHRIMP SOUP - Feb 2020 RC.jpg

    SUPPLIES USED: ABR_SSCard_CookIt_RecipeCard5, SDE_The Cold Sea_Value Pack GWH_Just Beachy_Collection SNU_SSTypePaths_Summer Waves, Fonts: Garamond and Seaside Waves Photos: The Fishing Trawlers and Fisherman are from the Oriental (NC) Harbor Docks at Garland F. Fulcher Seafood Co. Autumn Shrimp Soup photo from the internet. I was visiting my Aunt in Oriental, NC two years ago when a fleet of fishing trawlers arrived to unload their cargo of fresh shrimp at Garland F. Fulcher Seafood Co. It is a family business that has been operating since the 1940’s. Thanks to Sara M. for her Autumn Shrimp Soup recipe.
  6. LindaH57

    Scavenger Hunt February 2020

    Diane & Jane! Thank you Valerie for hosting this game… It was a lot of fun and boy did my wish list grow! See you all in the shop buying our new goodies! Have a good evening…
  7. LindaH57

    Scavenger Hunt February 2020

    Good morning, Have a great weekend. http://store.scrapgirls.com/Thankful-for-Family-Collection.html
  8. LindaH57

    Scavenger Hunt February 2020

    Good morning, I don't know about you but I'll be adding some of your selections into my cart for the sale in the shop! http://store.scrapgirls.com/Follow-Your-Heart-Collection-Biggie.html
  9. LindaH57

    Scavenger Hunt February 2020

    Good morning, my Wish List is getting longer… What a perfect time to see a sale going on in the SG Shop! Laura's Sunday Morning Collection Biggie brings back fond memories of my Nana and I doing Sunday morning crossword puzzles together when I would stay with her. Have a great day! http://store.scrapgirls.com/Sunday-Morning-Collection-Biggie.html
  10. LindaH57

    Scavenger Hunt February 2020

    Good morning, This is such a fun way to see so many great products in the SG Shop...my Wish List is getting longer too. Today I chose Connie Prince's http://store.scrapgirls.com/In-The-Stars-Collection.html In The Stars Collection.
  11. LindaH57

    Feb ATC - Mardi Gras colors

    This is such great fun, colorful and captures the feel of Mardi Gras! Simply genius to incorporate a game into this month's ATC. For today, I would be Bourbon Street Jester. Well Done!
  12. LindaH57

    Scavenger Hunt February 2020

    Good morning, I really like Tami Miller's "All Stitched Up Collection Biggie" http://store.scrapgirls.com/All-Stitched-Up-Collection-Biggie.html.
  13. LindaH57

    Scavenger Hunt February 2020

    Good morning, sounds like a fun game...here is my link for today http://store.scrapgirls.com/Loving-Collection.html '
  14. LindaH57

    Flower Bingo February 2020

    Good morning, Thank you so much for your congratulatory greetings! Valerie, thank you so much for hosting a really fun game and am looking forward to your scavenger hunt game next week. Happy Valentine's Day to you all and may you spend the day with those you love!