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  1. LindaH57

    Breast Cancer/pink kit

    Good morning Angie,You are the best!!! Thank you so much for your help with my question and so sweet of you to send me the link again! Now I know you are very busy woman between Scrap Girls, your family and now the exciting endeavors of visiting colleges. I am constantly amazed by your generosity and your unwavering support whenever I have asked you a question. Words cannot truly express how much I appreciate all that you've done for me over the last 10 years! As I have told Ro and Debbie, you have been one of the major reasons why I have and will continue to support SG and the designers who offer their creations for purchase on your website.Thank you so much for all you do not only for me but for all your designers and customers who continue to do business with you and SG!Happy Mother's Day to you and I hope your "boys" spoil you like crazy!Have a great weekend.Hugs to you!Linda
  2. Good evening, I'm not sure if this is where I should be posting this question… If I'm incorrect, please let me know. I think if I remember correctly there was a kit for breast cancer awareness… I'm not sure if it was a fundraiser or not… Does anybody remember this kit? I've been looking through my old stash looking for this kit and was wondering if it was on my external hard drive that one of my personal assistants dropped and destroyed. If anybody remembers this kit I'm just looking to see when it was offered so I can continue looking on my old external drives for it. Thank you so much and I hope you all have a great evening! Warm regards, Linda
  3. LindaH57

    April 2019 Recipe Swap

    Hi Marilyn, that's funny that you're working on decorations for an engagement party this weekend and are pressed for time too. I didn't think I would get my recipe cards done because I've been working on using my cricut to make the decorations/phrases that are going on wooden stars for table centerpieces for the Junior Formal Dinner Dance (for some reason Cherry Hill West isn't allowed to call it a Prom). My spouse is the class advisor for the class of 2020 and Thursday night is the event! Hopefully, next week will be less crazy and back to some type of normalcy. Hope all goes well for the party!
  4. LindaH57

    LindaH57-Croissant French Toast.jpg

    This is a breakfast that my Nana and I would make together when I would stay with her during summer vacation. We would make the Berry Butter the day before so it would be nice and firm. I have also included the recipe that she used for her Berry Butter. Supplies used: MPE Grandma’s Kitchen Collection Recipe Card 12, BMU_CottageCookbook_85X11_Collection (5/17), ABR_Simplify Collection Biggie, Fonts: Storybook & Bangle (I deleted this because I had a typo and posted it here corrected. I apologize if I caused anyone any inconvenience.)
  5. LindaH57

    April 2019 Recipe Swap

    Good afternoon, Here are my recipes for this month Breakfast Swap Berry Butter and Croissant French Toast
  6. LindaH57

    LindaH57 - Berry Butter.jpg

    This is the recipe that my Nana used to make her Berry Butter. If she was making it to use with her Croissant French Toast and maple syrup this was all she put into it. If she was making it to use on bread, muffins or bagels she would add a little sifted powdered sugar to sweeten the butter. Over the years I have used whatever berries are in season to make this butter. Supplies used: MPE Grandma’s Kitchen Collection Recipe Card 12, BMU_CottageCookbook_85X11_Collection (5/17), ABR_Simplify Collection Biggie, Fonts: Storybook & Bangle
  7. LindaH57

    Weekly Winners - March 25th & April 1st

    Good morning… I just found out that you picked my Starting Over layout… I am so surprised! Thank you so much and congratulations to the other winners!
  8. Good morning, Today is starting out to be a beautiful day here at the Jersey Shore! I started the day by watching the sunrise at point Pleasant Beach. As some of you know, I'm a quadriplegic so getting to the beach at sunrise is extremely difficult. I thought I would share with you the link for the live beach cam in case anybody is interested in watching a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. I hope you all have a great day!

    For those of you who might enjoy Penguins, there is a link on the beach cam page for a live feed to the Penguins at the Jenkinson aquarium.

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    2. LindaH57


      Hi Marilyn, it really is a great way to enjoy the beach… Perhaps someone in the Midwest who has never seen a sunrise over the ocean might want to wake up early one morning and take a peek. I actually can't wait for the next full moon… Have a great day :dancing-smilie:

    3. Boatlady


      Such a pretty beach. New Jersey has lots of beach!!!!! I am so glad you got to see the sunrise on the ocean, it is always so beautiful and amazing to watch. Sunset's over the water are amazing too. Thanks for sharing your webcam links. Have a great day.

    4. LindaH57


      Hi Debby, you are certainly correct with regards to New Jersey beaches :happy-sun:. I love watching the sunrise when I go out on the early morning fishing boat… Nothing like watching the sun come up and having the Dolphins swim along the boat… Life is good!
      I'm so glad to hear you had a great time on your cruise to Cuba. I can't wait to check out the gallery for your layouts with your photos from Cuba.
      I hope all is well with you… Have a great evening!
      Hugs, Linda

  9. LindaH57

    March Challenge Chase

    Well, I finally got to post my final layout Manasquan Inlet for the March 26th NL Challenge. I might have missed the Chase but I don't think I have ever done six 12 x 12 layouts, two recipe cards and a ATC card in one month. Thank you all for your gracious comments and encouragement during the last month... I don't think it would have been possible without you all. Thank you so much!
  10. LindaH57

    NLC MAR 26 -Manasquan Inlet

    Manasquan Inlet is located in Manaquan, NJ which is on the north side of the inlet and Point Pleasant is the south side of the inlet.
  11. LindaH57

    March Challenge Chase

    Everlasting Love for MMC #1
  12. Mom and Dad married in 1950 in the bottom right and celebrating 50 years together(2000) in the upper left. My parents are no longer with us... Dad passed away in 2002 and Mom followed in 2010… They are now "Together" again!
  13. LindaH57

    March Challenge Chase

    Good evening, I have a question... If I get my last 2 layouts posted by midnight with that be all right to meet the requirement for the Monthly Chase? Thank you so much and have a great evening!