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  1. With all the ads in my local papers promoting Christmas in July sales it made me think about Christmas projects to give as gifts. My 91-year-old aunt is the last surviving member of my mom's family. I have three grand nephews and one grand niece. I would like to do a calendar for the year 2020 depicting our family (including my parents and grandparents) so my grand nephews  and grandniece could learn a little bit about our family each month. So here's my question to our fabulous designers... Are any of you planning on creating a calendar package for the year 2020? Has anybody else created a genealogy type calendar before? If so, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and have a great day!

    1. alsoarty


      I made one for all my siblings, when I first started digital. It’s missing quite a lot of journaling, so get a hold of as much information about it the photos. Good luck.

  2. LindaH57

    July ATC Swap

    Finally got the Internet back consistently after a week of maybe I'll work or maybe not. Here's my ATC Card Honor
  3. Completed this before I realized someone else had done an ATC card regarding the Purple Heart. Purple Heart Day is August 7th.
  4. LindaH57

    Template Chat 10:00 am EDT

    Thanks again and have a safe trip!
  5. LindaH57

    Template Chat 10:00 am EDT

    Conda, thank you so much for hosting this chat… It Is amazing how much information was shared in just under 60 minutes! As I said before, please know how much I truly do appreciate all your help. Stay cool if you can...
  6. LindaH57

    Winner Winner Hide and Seek

    Thank you Andrea and Bea for hosting this fun game. Congratulations Barbara! Thank you to everyone who participated because I now have a much longer wish list because of the items you posted during this game!
  7. LindaH57

    Scavenger Hunt

    Hi April, thank you so much for the clarification... I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.
  8. LindaH57

    Scavenger Hunt

    Hi, I've never played this game before and I have a question... If the kit is in a collection and then it's also in a value pack or big collection does it matter which kit you reference? Thank you so much and good luck to everyone!
  9. LindaH57

    Let's Play Hide and Seek Round 2

    LOL Barbara
  10. LindaH57

    Let's Play Hide and Seek Round 2

    I love this kit because of the colors and the sheer beauty of the embellishments.