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  1. Hi Marlene, thank you so much for the template. This looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to play with it. Stay safe and be well!
  2. Perfect Swap given some of us are digging out from our second round of snow this week...lol.
  3. LOL...It is like a step back in time for me. The memories of cooking with her, learning about the times/history of what was happening in the US/World. How the economy played a part in her recipes and ingredients.
  4. I agree Marilyn and Conda. I love being able to share some of my Nana's recipes with everyone.
  5. Oh no Diane, somehow I messed up! This was supposed to go in the comments made by scrapgarden. So sorry, Happy New Year and have a great evening!
  6. Good evening, I have a recipe on how to make your own soy sauce. My spouse is allergic to soy sauce and years ago my mom came up with this alternative. I have been using it ever since with no allergic reactions for my spouse. Please let me know if you're interested… I have posted it previously in a recipe swap here. Stay safe, be well and have a great evening.
  7. I love your suggestions too!
  8. Happy New Year everyone! Thank you Conda for hosting the Swap each month. We all appreciate the time you spend creating the category, answering questions, collecting the recipe cards and sending the complete set to the participants. I too would love "gluten free" and "keto recipes" added to the swap. Have a great time with your Grandkids...they grow-up so fast!
  9. When I originally went to the random dice roll site I couldn't get it to work for me. My spouse ended up doing an update on my laptop that enabled the program to work. This is what I rolled. 4 – pieces of paper to use 3 – number of photos 3 – number of embellishments 6 – use different fonts in journaling/word art 4 – use a sketch 5 – use a frame
  10. Hi Belle, Thank you so much! I also want to thank you so much for your kind words regarding my Osprey layout. Our ospreys have left for their winter homes and we shall wait patiently until they return in late March/early April.
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