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  1. LindaH57

    Holiday BINGO

    Hi, please add me to the next round... Winter Red Ornament December Dasher
  2. LindaH57

    creative mind.jpg

    Good morning, thank you so much for your awesome feedback… Couldn't help bringing out the social worker side in me… LOL!
  3. LindaH57

    Weekly Winners - October 28th

    Congratulations to all the other winners ... thank you so much for my gift certificate… It is definitely a moment! Thank you Angie, and all of the Scrap Girls that hosted the chats and the challenges… It was an awesome Anniversary Celebration!
  4. LindaH57

    The Power of Ribbons.jpg

    I thought this would be a good way to remember and honor Jody along with some friends and family. Some may be gone but never forgotten.
  5. LindaH57

    October 2019 Recipe Swap

    Gluten-free vegan chocolate pumpkin bread - card one gluten free vegan chocolate pumpkin bread - card two
  6. Supplies Used: MPE_Gourmet Kitchen_Recipe Card Template #5, tmd_Grown With Love Value Pack, Photos from Google
  7. I tried to upload this last night but kept getting an error message. Supplies Used: MPE_Gourmet Kitchen_Recipe Card Template #5, tmd_Grown With Love Value Pack, Photos from Google
  8. LindaH57

    October ATC Swap

    Hi, I forgot to put this link in here... Colorful Mind
  9. SNU_SSEmb_Blendability mask3, Font - Ravie, Photo from the internet I saved the file as creative by mistake. It should be Colorful Mind.
  10. Thank you all for your gracious comments regarding this layout. I truly do appreciate your feedback. Jazzy is a chihuahua.
  11. The Power of Ribbons by Melissa Manchester
  12. Template - SRO_GetAway Font – Great Vibes, Garamond ABR TakeAction Photos from previous breast cancer awareness fundraisers… Thanks to Gail and Kim. A song Melissa wrote for a friend (Nancy Colton). All proceeds go to Breast Cancer Charities. Since I had a problem with my computer for two weeks, I was unable to create as many layouts as I would have liked. That being said, I wanted to spend the time completing the Song challenge with this layout.
  13. Hi got laptop back around 9pm...loaded my pse actions, styles, etc... Good luck to you all. Jazzy
  14. Congrats Diane...happy dance for you