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  1. I had planned on submitting some layouts for SG's 15th Anniversary but have run into a problem. After exiting last Saturday's chat, I started to work on a layout and my PSE 2019 crashed! To make a long story short I have spent a total of 72 hours with Adobe, Microsoft Windows and HP over the last 10 days trying to fix the problem. Apparently all three had done updates that seem to be conflicting with each other! I am hopeful that things will be resolved soon and I'll get my laptop back. I pray this doesn't happen to anybody else!

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    2. Boatlady


      Wow what a huge problem updates can be..I sure hope they fix it quickly for you but at  least you have your snail computer backup.

    3. Marie-Christine


      oh no, I sure hope you are back up and running again real soon!

    4. LindaH57


      Good morning, I thought I had a great idea during the night… Tried to download the free trial for PSE 2020 but this computer is too old and out of date :monstercry:
      Thanks again and I hope you all have a great day!

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