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  1. Hi Angie and the SG community, I wasn't sure where to post my question. I was asked to become a volunteer to create greeting cards through the AARP Create the Good Volunteer Program. The cards are to be sent to Hospice patients. Here's my question… I want to honor the designers terms of service for using their products. Is it okay to use the products I purchased for personal use to use them when creating cards for this program? The cards are not being sold… They are just to make some patients feel good. If I credit the designer and the scrap girls site on the back of the card would that be sufficient? Or would I be better off making new purchases and changing the license option? Thank you so much for allowing me the time and space to ask my question. Hoping everyone is well! Hugs, Linda

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    2. LindaH57


      Hi April, 

      Thank you for your reply to my question. The cards would be from me.

    3. angleigh


      @April Showers is correct.  If you're making them and they are given to a group/organization for them to do as they please...then you would need the S4H license.  If they are from you personally (and I understand the group/organization might be the one delivering especially due to safety reasons right now) then your fine with the personal license you have.

    4. Boatlady


      Linda that is an amazing gesture I am very glad you got the answer you got. PM me as I would like to participate in that program too if I can.

  2. Nana's Spicy Stuffed Peppers
  3. Supplies Used: ABR_SSCard_CookIt_RecipeCards5 BMU_BonAppetit Font: Bangle This is another recipe from my Nana’s collection that was passed down to me. When I would stay with her and we would make stuffed peppers we would always use a couple of red bell peppers for me. That being said, if you have someone who prefers not to consume spicy foods, then use the peppers of your choice.
  4. Thank you so much for hosting this game @Celestine. I learned a little bit more about the members here at Scrap Girls. I'm not sure what I did wrong when I answered @MariJ and entered mine. I'll be back when I find out. Have a great day everyone!
  5. @MariJ HI Marilyn, I think #1 is your lie. 1. I held a Secret Clearance Position within the DOD. 2. I played on a Tournament Volleyball team representing the Mid-Atlantic Area that played across the US. 3. I Rebuilt and refurbished my first car - 1957 Chevy Bel-Air.
  6. Here are the clues: Something You Like - http://store.scrapgirls.com/Outside-My-Window-Collection-Biggie.html Something You Eat - http://store.scrapgirls.com/Backyard-BBQ-Collection.html Something Scrapbookers Use - http://store.scrapgirls.com/SG-Club/ Something Outside - http://store.scrapgirls.com/Bird-Watcher-Marine-Birds-MiniKit.html Something You Say - http://store.scrapgirls.com/Believe-In-You-Word-Arts-And-Word-Bits-by-Silvia-Romeo.html Something You Love - http://store.scrapgirls.com/Ocean-Wave-Collection-Super-Mini.html
  7. Thank you so much Conda for hosting this wonderful swap every month! I hope you're feeling much better! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this month's recipes… My family will definitely be treated to some brand-new recipes thanks to you all!
  8. Another recipe that I'll be adding to my collection! Beautiful card!
  9. LindaH57

    Cherry Salad

    I definitely will be adding this card to my list of recipes to try because it has two of my favorite fruits.
  10. Hi Marilyn, thank you so much! I think any fruit might work with just altering the amount of extra fine granulated sugar for each person's personal taste. I definitely would be interested to know if you try this recipe with raspberries.
  11. Strawberry Milkshake Pie My nana use to make this with a graham cracker crust and when waffle cones came along she changed her crust for a different take on this Summer treat! If you don't have fresh strawberries you can use frozen with this in mind...If using frozen strawberries, thaw and then chop to see how juicy and sweet they are. If they are super juicy and sweet, do not add sugar. If you want them a little sweeter, start with 2 tablespoons of sugar, mix together and let strawberries sit for 10 and check again.
  12. My nana use to make this with a graham cracker crust and when waffle cones came along she changed her crust for a different take on this Summer treat! Supplies Used: DBH_Summer Memories Collection Fonts: Strawberry, Bangle Photo: Internet
  13. Thank you so much for a wonderful chat on Saturday! Here's my layout Family Time
  14. “Family Time” – Supplies Used: AFT_Cherished Collection Mini, AFT_SSEmb_TTBlends_Clock1, CAP_birdwatcher, Fonts used: bird feather regular and Georgia regular. Styles used are the ones included with PSE 2020. Photo: My Own
  15. Thank you so much Conda
  16. Good morning, I must apologize to you all for I forgot to post my recipe card for the swap. I must also apologize because my card that went out to you all this morning had a typo in it. Here's my link for Gluten Free Cream Cheese Pancakes
  17. Supplies Used: MPE_GourmetKitchen_RecipeCard24, ABR_Simplify, PSE20 preinstalled styles. Fonts Used: Garamond Italic and Garamond Regular. Photo: My own
  18. Good morning Marilyn and Belle, I am so happy that I was able to provide you with some information regarding extractions and background removal using the Guided Section in PSE. Sharing information, providing feedback on layouts and just the warm and friendly atmosphere here Scrap Girls are some of the reasons why I have been here and purchasing items since 2007. I cannot count how many times fellow members have helped me with answering my questions, provided feedback on my layouts and just the constant encouragement to just go for it and create away... Including getting me to try to design o
  19. Good morning Belle, thank you so much for your kind remark regarding my extraction. Please let me know how you found working in the guided section to complete an extraction. I'd be interested to know how an able-bodied person found that feature to work with on your extraction. This way, I could pass the information along to others if I'm asked. Thank you so much, stay safe, be well and have a great day! Hugs, Linda 🤗
  20. Good afternoon, I noticed the question about background remover (extractions) so I checked out the links for the videos. After watching the videos, I realized with my physical disability (I am a quadriplegic so I don't have use of my hands and use a mouth-stick) this would not be an option for me. I recently discovered that in the newer versions of Photoshop Elements there is a section on the top of the screen called Guided. Once you click on Guided and then go to the next screen and click Special Edits you will see a selection for Background Remover. When you enter the workspace you have a
  21. Thank you so much for your kind and gracious comments regarding this layout. I truly believe and feel that the credit and praise should be directed towards Amanda. It was her design that I saw advertised with the kit I purchased. I only re-created her original design and added to it by using the preinstalled styles with PSE 2020. I would have to agree with you that Kenley is gorgeous but, I am partial to my little girl ...LOL🙂!
  22. Hi Mikella, thank you so much for giving me the correct term for Scrap Lifting. I appreciate it because I want to become a better digital scrapper. Stay safe and be well...
  23. My Red and Pink layout Kenley When I was in one of my office cabinets I came across a stack of orders from SG on CDs. I thought they had been accidentally tossed by a former employee. Imagine my surprise when I found them! I am going through the CDs and using kits I have never used. Unfortunately, some of the files were lost during the process of being de-compressed. I lost some of the files I used from the kit I used here.
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