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  1. Thank you so much for your kind and gracious comments regarding this layout. I truly believe and feel that the credit and praise should be directed towards Amanda. It was her design that I saw advertised with the kit I purchased. I only re-created her original design and added to it by using the preinstalled styles with PSE 2020.

    I would have to agree with you that Kenley is gorgeous but, I am partial to my little girl ...LOL🙂!

  2. 46 minutes ago, Mikelle said:

    Scrap lifting, and you did a great job with it, I love your layout.  Also, Kenley is adorable! 💕

    Hi Mikella, thank you so much for giving me the correct term for Scrap Lifting. I appreciate it because I want to become a better digital scrapper. Stay safe and be well...:D

  3. 3 minutes ago, MariJ said:

    I'm glad you got this uploaded ok and it's so pretty Linda!   I like how you included a photo and the recipe wounds so easy to make.   I like the colors you used, too.

    Thanks Marilyn to you and to Conda for giving me a quick refresher course on how to post. I felt like such an ***!

  4. This Month’s Recipe comes from my Nana’s cookbook but has been updated. She used to use her biscuit recipe but when crescent rolls became available in the food store she used them because they were so much easier than making a batch of her biscuits.

    Nana started making these when I was a child because I don’t like piecrust. She would feel bad whenever she made apple pie and all I did was eat the middle out.

    SG supplies used

    MPE_Gourmet Kitchen_RecipeCard10


    Photo: Internet

    Fonts: Monotype Corsiva Regular and Garamond Regular

  5. Supplies Used: LLO_SSAlb_12x12PuppyLove, ABR_Puppy Breath Collection. Fonts: Poster, Garamond

    When I first started the yellow challenge I was working on wild flowers. Ziggy went missing on the 22nd and when I saw the yellow on my flyer I tabled the wild flowers. I was getting ready to post my LO with the flyer that said "Lost Dog" late Tuesday night when I got a call Ziggy had been found! I updated the flyer for my lawn and switched it here too.

  6. Thursday Mess or Masterpiece Chat Challenge:

    Supplies Used:

    Thursday Mess or Masterpiece Chat Challenge:

    Supplies Used:

    1 Photo – Personal

    3 Papers –  EMA-Into the Woods Paper Biggie – Paper #3, FLO- Hello August – Paper #10, SG Summer Paper – ACA Yellow

    5 Embellishments - ABR_JustBU_Emb-edging-blue, AFT_Blissful_Emb_Lace2, BMU_BonAppetit_EMB_AppleSlice-1, DRB_Dont-Be-Blue_Leaves-White, LLO_BeautDance_Embs_Charm_8thNote

    1 Alpha Set - MRE_WellLoved_Alpha

    1 Font – Aurora Cn BT Regular

    1 Brush Set - LLA_BrushSet_Cruising – Plane Brush

    1 Style - ADB_CU_Boho_painterly

    This photo was taken at the start of the NASCAR Xfinty Race which was part of Championship Weekend in Homestead, Florida November 15 – 17, 2019. The Champions for each division of
    NASCAR (Monster Cup Series, Xfinity Series and Gander Outdoors Truck Series) were determined after a grueling 11month season that began with the Daytona 500 in February 2019.

    I became interested in racing after my younger brother was hired as a fabricator/welder for the now defunct NASCAR IROC series. The IROC cars were built in Tinton Falls, New Jersey which is about 35 minutes north of my home in Toms River.

    There is plenty of excitement to experience in a trip to a NASCAR event… The music before the races, all different types of food, the individuals you meet who come from all over the USA and other countries and last but not least the race itself.

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