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  1. Got all my supplies now, craft equipment is out of storage now and I know what I'm doing so it should all fit into place now. 😁
  2. Hi....is it too late or filled up already? I see some might be mailing already so maybe I'm too late?? If not, please add me too! Thank you
  3. My budget is very limited and I have so much SG supplies that I haven't even touched yet but just had to have. So I don't sign up for the monthly clubs on a regular basis. But when I see one I know I will use, then I will get it but then I always let Angie know not to continue it. And bless her heart, she does so every time very kindly too!! Thank you Angie! Well last month I just had to have the SG ScrapSimple club that comes out on the 15th, I love that string art! Well due to some unexpected health issues, I never emailed Angie not to continue in June. So I was on vacation with my daughte
  4. I got mine and they are truly wonderful! Real beauties! We have some very talented ones here and I feel privileged to have been part of this wonderful opportunity. Carla, both Byrook's and Lauren's blew me away....such talent in those two young ladies!!
  5. Hi Di! Here's a tutorial: How To Post Links In The Forum Let us know if you need more help. Thank you so much Theresa! I will check that out. I have been out of the swing so long that I have forgotten so much. Especially when I was in PSE, I totally froze up. I'm gonna have to start over with some simple tutorials and work my way up again!
  6. Sorry this is so late, I had a major computer crash. And I've been bad at having any of my stuff backed up :-( Here is mine for Round 1. I had "D" and my favorite flower is daisy, so that's what I went with. I'm sorry, I didn't look to see if daisy was used in another round. I hope this is ok? If not, I'll try and come up with another real quick?? http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/163615-may-2016-atc/ Sorry.....I can't remember how to change the web addy to just a name. If someone can remind me how to change the URL to just the name would be so much appreciated!
  7. Round 1 "D" is for my Favorite flower Daisy! VCR_Cosy Home Collections JOD_Moments Captured Collection Pristina Font I enjoyed contributing to this swap!! It been so very long since I did any digital fun, so bear with me.

    © countrydi

  8. So HAPPY to say that even with a major computer crash, that mine are in the hands of the USPS now!!!!! You will get them Carla, they say Saturday, but latest Tuesday. I was sweating bullets and saying my prayers to get in before the deadline.
  9. My card for the first set will be coming soon (the letter D), I'm having some computer issues, but I'm working on it and will get it posted soon.
  10. Love it! I'll take "D" please!
  11. Is there still room for me yet? I'd love to do one! If so, count me in!
  12. Looking forward to doing at least one of these! You ladies are super fast!
  13. Can you, Melanie, or someone please direct me to the directions on how to put the blinkie on my signature area? Thank you in advance!
  14. Happy Birthday Di! Hope your special day is awesome!!

  15. countrydi

    Cards for Carla

    I had so much fun with this swap! These are the cards I made Carla (CRS). And the ones I got from Lei (Bride) were awesome!!I will be doing this swap again for sure!!
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