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  1. ScrapgirlCindy

    South Dakota Native Buffalo

  2. ScrapgirlCindy

    Adding Linked credits to Gallery images?

    It seems like a lot of extra work to have to post the link to your layout, seems like extra steps to me but I am an older person now and struggled for a long time on how to do it. I do know how now but still wonder why it is necessary. Can't a person just view the new lo's in the Gallery or am I missing something?
  3. ScrapgirlCindy

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 4-6

    My favorite type of layouts are single photo layouts. Quite often this was my view from our country home, sure miss it. This is MINE
  4. ScrapgirlCindy

    Our wedding -me and dad

    Such a special moment and you have scrapped it so beautifully. The paper is perfect.
  5. ScrapgirlCindy

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 4-6

    Love one-pic layouts! Here is MINE
  6. ScrapgirlCindy

    Oh Snap.jpg

  7. ScrapgirlCindy

    AFT Designs - Challenge & Prize - April 2019

    I hope I put mine in the correct place. Fun challenge and I got another family photo scrapbooked. This is MINE
  8. ScrapgirlCindy

    Tuesday Challenge - April 2, 2019

    Super fun challenge. My granddaughter and my granddog playing. Here is MINE
  9. ScrapgirlCindy

    Weekend Wildcard 3/30/2019

    Fun challenge. This is MINE
  10. ScrapgirlCindy


  11. ScrapgirlCindy


    Hi, I'm looking for mesh as an embellishment. Can someone help me find? thanks
  12. ScrapgirlCindy

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 26th March

    My daughter and her daughter at a butterfly house. This is MINE