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  1. ScrapgirlCindy

    A Gift.jpg

    This quilt was given to my on the day of my husband's funeral by wonderful caring friends. They are Native Americans and this is what they do when someone passes away, present the family with a quilt. I cannot even tell you what this means to me. Thanks for looking.
  2. ScrapgirlCindy

    A Gift.jpg

  3. ScrapgirlCindy

    Weekend Challenge September 8, 2018

    This is MINE
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  5. ScrapgirlCindy

    Tuesday 9/4/18 Challenge

  6. ScrapgirlCindy

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge, August 28th

    MINE This is page 1 of an extensive layout about our family's war hero. So far I have completed 11 pages and in the end will have about 17 pages telling his story. It's a lot of work but so worth telling what happened to him. The challenge was a good reminder to get back to it and keep going. I'm embarrassed to admit how long I have been working on this. Thanks for looking.
  7. ScrapgirlCindy

    Tues Challenge 8/21/18: School - 1st Day K

    This is a precious photo! I love your layout. The paper is perfect for it. Sweet embellies too!
  8. ScrapgirlCindy

    Such A Nice Day.jpg

    I used the color of summer that I love. Blue for water, of course, yellow for sun and my favorite flower black-eyed Susans, red for beautiful sunsets and green of course for grass.