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  1. I took care of my granddaughter who is 8 years old. We did lots of arts and crafts, a scavenger hunt, visited parks, went to the pet store, and she started piano lessons too. Not possible to get in all in one layout but you get the idea. This is MINE.
  2. I was working on this when the challenge came up, so I switched out my paper to include the number 8. This is the blanket I made my grandson for Christmas and even got fancy and did a crochet edging for him instead of tying it cuz I taught him how to crochet. Thought he would appreciate that. This is MINE
  3. I like the closeup versus far away pics. Also, love the colors you used. Great layout.
  4. I love that you captured this moment. Great title. Adorable child. Your layout is just wonderful.
  5. My granddaughter with her fellow actors after their college play. She is the one with the little pink broach. Great challenge. This is MINE
  6. I love these vintage photos! Very pretty embellishments. I like the way you shared your ideas about what was going on. A wonderful lo and wonderful peek into the past.
  7. First of all, your grandmother looks amazing and that dress....wow! Your pretty blue and pink paper is perfect for this layout. Wonderful words written about your Grandma Leona too. I bet it was fun to get to know (via these pics) before she was grandma!
  8. a very special photo indeed! Love your layout, especially the embellies, glasses.
  9. My photo is from around 1912. My grandmother with her parents. I don't know the story behind the picture but it's a great picture. Here is MINE
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