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  1. ScrapgirlCindy

    Live With Intention.jpg

  2. ScrapgirlCindy

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 11-23

    Love this challenge! Here is MINE
  3. ScrapgirlCindy

    Hands of Time.jpg

  4. ScrapgirlCindy

    Weekly Newsletter Challenge, 12 November 2019

    Love this challenge. This is one of my favorite pics of my grandkids. Here is MINE
  5. ScrapgirlCindy

    Down On The Farm.jpg

  6. ScrapgirlCindy

    Weekend Challenge October 26, 2019

    My granddaughter and I made ghosts from jars and gauze bandages. So fun. Here is MINE
  7. ScrapgirlCindy


  8. ScrapgirlCindy

    newsletter challenge

    Love this picture, love this layout!
  9. ScrapgirlCindy

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 8th October

    I did a second layout, picture of me and my puppy, taken the same day as my previous pic/layout. This is MINE
  10. ScrapgirlCindy

    Piper and Me Sept 2019.jpg

  11. ScrapgirlCindy

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 8th October

    This is my brother and his little grandson. Here is MINE
  12. ScrapgirlCindy