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  1. I used solid and print paper on this layout. I am taking care of my granddaughter this summer full time, so I am allowing lots of time for crafts for her which she loves. This is MINE
  2. I never get tired of scrapbooking pics of my dog! This is MINE
  3. This lady was my 2nd mom when I was growing up. Her daughter and I were BFF's. She is a warm and genuine woman now in her mid-90s. She was mom to many young girls in the neighborhood back in the day, many of whom still keep in touch with her. Here is MINE
  4. A good challenge. I will never forget the helicopter ride! This is MINE
  5. I was working on this lo when the challenge came up and the kit included butterflies so I made sure to include them. Finally, I have my baby picture scrapbooked. A true antique. Ha! This is MINE
  6. I am Amethyst which I love. The pic is from 2 yrs ago, granddaughter's prom. This is MINE
  7. I am killing two birds with one stone, and doing lay-flat with the reading challenge. Here is MINE
  8. Perfect kit for this old family pic of my mother and my sister, who recently passed away. Here is MINE
  9. This layout is my birthday cake from this past February. This is MINE
  10. Love this challenge. My layout started out so different, but ended up like THIS
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