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    Weekend Challenge April 4, 2020

    Perfect kit for this old family pic of my mother and my sister, who recently passed away. Here is MINE
  2. ScrapgirlCindy

    Weekend Challenge 28th March

    This layout is my birthday cake from this past February. This is MINE
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  4. ScrapgirlCindy

    Newsletter Challenge 03-24-2020

    Love this challenge. My layout started out so different, but ended up like THIS
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  6. ScrapgirlCindy

    Bandit copy2

    Maggie is quite the clown, love it. I love the papers and especially your use of the brush.
  7. ScrapgirlCindy

    Weekend Challenge March 21, 2020

    My dog, Piper, loves to ride with me to pick up my granddaughter from school. She waits as patiently as she can but the tail really starts wagging once Piper spots her! Here is MINE
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    Green lo.jpg

  9. ScrapgirlCindy

    A Thousand Horses

    An inspiring layout! Absolutely love it!
  10. ScrapgirlCindy

    Tuesday 03/17 challenge

    This is MINE
  11. ScrapgirlCindy

    Our Song.jpg

  12. ScrapgirlCindy

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 2020-03-10

    I've been wanting to do this layout on our song for a long time, so the challenge is perfect. My late husband chose this song as our song. I protested to no avail. Lol. He especially loved the line about grabbing the babies and old ladies. Now, after all these years, I love the song and who doesn't love Neil Diamond. This is MINE
  13. ScrapgirlCindy

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 2/25/20

    This is MINE
  14. ScrapgirlCindy

    Wonderful Moment.jpg

  15. ScrapgirlCindy

    Miss You Ricky.jpg

  16. ScrapgirlCindy

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 2020-02-18

    My birthday flowers from my son. I fudged a little bit on the number of papers, but the layout gives the appearance of 5 papers so hope that's okay. Here is MINE
  17. ScrapgirlCindy

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 15 Feb 2020

    This is the first gift I ever got from my children and I know hubby had a hand in it too. It's tiny but so precious. Here is MINE
  18. ScrapgirlCindy

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 2/8/2020

    A fun challenge. These are pics of me and my granddaughter taken on my birthday yesterday. Here is MINE