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    Monday Challenge : 9/9/13 SS Tools

    Fabulous LO. I love the bright, summer colors and the Tools. Great Tools.
  2. StephRN

    Abc's Of Who You Are Not...

  3. StephRN

    Abc's Or Professions

    Massage Therapist
  4. StephRN

    Abc's Of Pet/animal Names

  5. StephRN

    ABCs of GIRLS names!

    Stephanie (sorry, just had to).
  6. StephRN


    Yountsville, CA
  7. StephRN

    Precious Moments

    What a great photo. I love the choices of color and embellishments you made to compliment it. This has such a soft, loving feel. Just fabulous. TFS.
  8. thanks so much for you message. I've been really MIA from SG. I'm really missing this as a creative outlet. Hope all is well in your life.

  9. I have a crazy shedule; am getting stuff done around the yard & soon the house too. Then I'll be free to scrap again.

  10. StephRN

    Mon Quick Chall - One and Only

    Incredibly beautiful and your journaling is fabulous too. TFS.
  11. thanks for the note; I saw some "interesting" comments on FB and thought I'd stop in for a little morale boosting moment.

  12. hi girlfriend,

    I love your new do. FB is lighting up with all sorts of cryptic messages about people leaving SG. What the H is happening. Wanted to call you today but it's getting late on your coast.

  13. StephRN

    Falling Leaves

    Amazing LO. Your blending is fabulous. I love the photo, the gentle expression. I'm all teary with the beauty of this LO and your sentiment. Thank-you so much for sharing this very special treasure with us.
  14. StephRN

    Decordova Museum title page

    fabulous photo and I love the deep, rich colors. TFS.
  15. StephRN

    Faded Summer

    great photo. love the peeling paint background and your choice of embellies is fabulous. TFS.
  16. StephRN

    My own little family history

    I love the bright colors and how you balance the LO with the B&W photos. Gorgeous LO. TFS.
  17. StephRN

    Autumn Leaves version 2

    I like your cluster. The warm colors are so inviting and that photo is great. TFS.
  18. StephRN

    Where In The World Is Huckleberry?

    Oh my. Huck, I suspect you'll be ready for a little peace & quiet by the time you head this way. I bought you some organic bananas. Do you like them green or yellow?
  19. StephRN

    Change A Letter

    Wow, that doesn't happen often. Reek
  20. StephRN

    Santa's Helper

    What a cutie. Great extraction. This would make a fun xmas card. TFS.
  21. Sandy, fabulous LO.

  22. StephRN

    Where In The World Is Huckleberry?

    do monkeys vomit? That could be ugly. I'll put some dramamine in my purse. Huck, I hope you're having fun.
  23. StephRN


    Valencia, CA