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  1. This year October is just not possible for me. Darn. But you'll have a great time. If someone were to get a west meet up going I'd love it. This year I can't get one put together. Plate overloaded.
  2. Still with download issues. And I have a deadline. Yikes! Thanks to all who have been working to get this fixed. I can be patient.

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    2. Becster


      Mine was hinky too, but I took my time and eventually my files downloaded.

    3. LauraYB


      Kinks in mine; cleared cache, rebooted, slow downloads, but working.

    4. lorac


      I had problems earlier today. Slow downloading, but finally it all down done.

  3. Love this! Great idea. I'll get to work on it.
  4. Love every little thing about this, but of course seeing the photos of all my smiling friends is the best. Does exactly what scrapping is supposed to do, refreshes memories and brings back all the feelings I felt when we were all together. I really like the combo of fonts you used on the journaling tag too.
  5. Looks like a great day planned. Unfortunately I won't be available to play until the end of the day.
  6. SandiC.


    Gorgeous! Strong family resemblance! Love having you in the same room!!!!!
  7. Cluster is nice, but love the background!
  8. Supplies: BMU Autumn Jewel AFT Fall Fantasy SG Touch of Spice EBA Life Stories
  9. I'm a classical music fan, so no lyrics for my music. Supplies: JRE_VintageEnvelopes JZI_ForSpaciousSkies BMU_ChristmasChronicles DEB_MossSide ABR_ScenicRoute ABL_WatersEdge
  10. A first here for me.....the first staycation I'm actually in the middle of a road trip! And do I have photos that need to be scrapped. LOL. Looking forward to all the fun. Staycation is my favorite SGs event!
  11. A lot of you know I was in the Army, but before that I was a Physician Assistant in the USAF. These were photos from my graduation from PA training and my commissioning back in 1985. I used Julie White's American Cities collection and Amanda's Instamatic template.
  12. These photos were from the midwest meet up in April 2011. The original LO was done for one of those challenges (the ones I detest) where you are to use a number of different elements. I thought it was a mess. I think I took it out of the gallery a few months ago. Still, I liked the photos, and its a pretty bright spring day here and Andrea Trump's April Flowers Nano collection was sitting in my download file....now a lighter, brighter LO.
  13. Love the way you tied all the photos together.
  14. The blended background is terrific! And the frame just sets it all off without dominating. Great job.
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