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  1. HI I went back through my files and found a FAQ for her scripts and this is what it said Error message "Javascript code was missing" after installing the scripts for PSE If you get this error message it is because the script file, jsx file, has been copied to the wrong location or is in the right location but somehow got renamed. The action and png files are correct, but the jsx file location must be corrected. Double check the path where the jsx file needs to be put. If this is the first script you are installing, there will not be any other files in the folder where the script goes, only other folders. Hope this helps!!
  2. I am just upgrading to PSE13 and I currently have dozens of actions and layer styles loaded into my current PSE11. What is the easiest way to transfer them over to PSE13? Some searches have advised copying the Photo Creations folder from PSE11 and pasting it into 13. I'd really prefer to not have to load each one manually - right now they all show up in the actions palette with the appropriate thumbnail images so they are easy to find. Any advice is welcome! thanks! Maureen
  3. Simply spectacular!!
  4. Love this! Great job - love the paint splatter look!
  5. Absolutely stunning! Going straight into my favorites - Congratulations!
  6. Love working with sketches! Here is my interpretation of the Jan 19th Blog sketch. As soon as I saw this photo I had to use it - Hubby had to sneak up on him in order to take it Thanks for looking Our Little Gamer
  7. One of the few times that JT was sitting still - Hubby had to sneak the shot This is my interpretation of the blog sketch - thanks for looking! Details in EXIF