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  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day today!

  3. This is just too cool for words!
  4. Jster025

    Snowbirds, left

    What a great job you did on these! And I LOVE this photo!!! What a shot.
  5. Too funny Diane. I laugh at the news folks. Nothing they like better than a crisis. So if they don’t have one, they make one.

  6. Such a pretty heritage look. And I love the way you made the hearts thrown across the front look like they had been ‘cut out’ of the rectangle behind the photo.
  7. Love the rustic-ness of you LO. It goes so well with ‘the Canyon’. And what a great shot of your son, as he sits framing the majestic view.
  8. Oh Belle, you crack me up. I just love the humor you put into your LO’s. Yes, you and your dog do look a bit alike, but I agree that his hair is a bit longer—LOL. Your short cuts fit you. They do say that we have a tendency to pick out dogs that look like us. I’m not sure that I look like a Yorkie, but maybe its due to the fact that he found me instead of me finding him. I will have to say, though, he’s one of the few types of dogs with longish, straight, body-less hair; so maybe God knew exactly what he was doing.
  9. Jster025


    Oh gosh, just look at those eyes!!! I love the way you were able to make a flowery collection work so well for a young boy.
  10. Jster025

    Beauty by the Sea

    Absolutely stunning--from the photo to how you put this LO together! And such a treasured memory. PS - that is my all-time, favorite Action!!!!
  11. I like this--it looks just like you're putting a physical scrapbook together!
  12. She certainly is! And what a wonderful job they have done! Poor little dear. I just can't imagine going through this when you don't know what is really happening. But maybe that is a blessing.
  13. This is fantastic, Dot. The colors and emb’s are just SO BOY and still just as pretty as can be. I love your repetitive circles down the side, the delicious golden yellow, the darling story and how perfectly the train emb’s go with it, your creative WA and the journaling that ‘tells the story’. Sending love and strength. You’re battling this so heroically—a true inspiration to us all.
  14. Jster025

    Friendship Card

    So pretty--I want to pass them out to all of my friends!
  15. What a wonderful job making this look like it’s in the middle of a storm-tossed sea. And I never tire of a lighthouse photo, especially one taken at that angle.
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