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    I don't need to understand, I just need to hold His hand.
    - Emolyn C. Lambert

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  1. What a fun signature!
  2. Angels and Shepherds ( found this on the internet - it is a song)
  3. Sign me up... not sure how many I will get completed.
  4. A-M


    What fun embellishments! Great page with the effect you achieved on your large photo.
  5. Thankyou Amanda for a fun challenge this month. I will need to do some thinking as there is so much in my life that brings me joy.
  6. Oh how I wish I could visit you so I could see your wonderful fairy garden! How special to have the children visiting your garden. Your page to share this looks great. The pretty glittery edging goes well with the fairies.
  7. A-M


    Belle, your page looks good with all those circular items. Nice happy photos. Do you own one of the Shadow styles sets from the store as they are great for doing the shadowing. I hope we see more and more of your pages in the gallery.
  8. Those three frames look good. That wood sign is a good addition to your page and that is a fun seagull you used on the left. Great photo and a wonderful view to have on your walks.
  9. @Belle the actions and styles will still work in the newer version. Is there a reason you want to upgrade because PSE13 would be still a good version use. You can just list the credits in the description area in your gallery upload or for the EXIF in PSE you go to File - File Info - type in your credits in the description box ( I think that is correct ) for some reason in my CS6 I need to use the copyright box. It is best not to use the credits section when uploading to the gallery as it does not automatically show for others to see.
  10. What a fun cute photo. Nice use of the mask. I like how you placed the wording on the strips.
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