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  1. Back from being away on a little holiday. Looks like I have missed all the fun of the Anniversary. Now I need to catch up on my Project Life pages which I am a few weeks behind with. 

    1. Ngaire


      I was just thinking about you this morning Anne-Marie and thinking I hadn't see you on SG for awhile and was hoping all was ok. Good to see you. Look forward to seeing you PL😃

    2. MariJ


      Welcome back Anne Marie, you were missed!  There's one more day of Anniversary and sale and for all of the challenges you can still do layouts.    I'm so behind on Project Life, especially with Anniversary starting!

    3. April Showers

      April Showers

      Welcome back! Still lots of anniversary fun tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful wedding page. They look a very happy couple.
  3. What a fun saying you have used. Nice colour choices and I do like the little bird.
  4. A very nice pumpkin page. I enjoyed your journaling.
  5. That little bird caught my eye in the gallery. That is a great quote. Very nice ATC.
  6. Marilyn, make sure you have your rulers showing... click on view up the top and select rulers. Then do as Marie says - have your mouse hover over the ruler up the top and click and drag down a fine line and as it comes over your canvas it should be blue. You can do the same for vertical lines - dragged from the sides. These lines do not show up on your saved layout when saved as JPEG. Unless you move them back they will remain on that PSD file.
  7. Here is my choice: ScrapGirls’ Famous ClubToasted brioche bun Fried egg Avocado slices Plus the tomato, thankyou.
  8. This is a great variety of happenings in your week. The dolls clothes look good.
  9. This sounds like a fun day. Sadly it will be Sunday here Down Under and I will not be home when these events happen.
  10. I am now caught up... Week 39
  11. I not like the thought of the next week being week 40.... that means only 12 weeks of the year left. Credits: please see EXIF
  12. I nearly caught up as well... Week 38
  13. Only two photos for this week. For Credits please see EXIF
  14. This is not a boring drawer... I can see some handy items in there. Your title work looks good.
  15. This looks very much like one of my drawers in my kitchen. Great page for the challenge.