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    I don't need to understand, I just need to hold His hand.
    - Emolyn C. Lambert

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  1. Marilyn, this has turned out great. The little gingerbread men work well with Sisi's jacket. All the glitter helps make it a Christmas page.
  2. A-M

    July Challenge Chase

    4th Challenge page for the month.... Weekend 20th - First Ride
  3. A-M

    Weekend Challenge - 7/20

    Thank you Mikelle for a fun challenge that enabled me to scrap a very recent photo.... First Ride
  4. This is a photo my daughter emailed me so it is not very good qaulity. Credits: BDS_Riding Dream mask - JZI_SSTools_Shapes_Messy Masks staple - BDS_Songs from a Secret Garden Font - Andy
  5. A-M


    This is a lovely memory page and it does not matter that the photo is not great....it is still your memory. I enjoyed reading your journaling.
  6. A-M

    Slow Scrap Week 3

    What a great photo and you have shown it off so well on this stunning page.
  7. A-M

    Folder backgrounds

    I asked Mr Google for help and this might help: https://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/fix-black-background-on-folders-windows-10/
  8. The blended edges of the photo of your sweet fairy looks good. Fun words you have used.
  9. A-M

    Weekly Winners - July 8th & 15th

    Congratulations to all the winners.
  10. A-M

    tuesday newsletter

    This is a lovely bright page. So are you going to build a new home?
  11. A-M

    Weekend Challenge July 13th

    This was an easy fun challenge as I do enjoy making greeting cards. I went with the Get Well theme.
  12. A-M

    July Challenge Chase

    3rd Challenge for the month.... Weekend Wildcard 13th July
  13. Credits: ABR_Summer Love Font - Sophie
  14. A-M

    weekend challenge_Card

    This is a lovely card. I do like the forget me not flowers.
  15. My husband and I are heading off tomorrow for a little 3 night holiday to a town west of us over the mountain range where we may experience a little bit of snow or at least heavy frosts. We are staying in an historic home so I hope to take lots of photos. I will not have internet while away.