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    I don't need to understand, I just need to hold His hand.
    - Emolyn C. Lambert

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  1. A-M

    Fear ATC 2 - Andrea-H

    Great words on a lovely ATC.
  2. A-M

    I'm Not coming down

    Thank you @Jane in N.Z for sharing this with us. Laughter is good for us.
  3. A-M

    Weekend Challenge April 4, 2020

    I am like Jane and really only use Jifs for challenges. This one I found in my stash was a layered PSD one so I enjoyed using it for.... Tamborine Mountain
  4. Credits: BMU_JIFAlbum_Menageria Fonts - Arial and Cheyenne Hand This was a PSD Jif so I removed a couple of things and added two more butterflies
  5. A-M


    Great quote on a very nicely created ATC. That is a lovely key and padlock embellishment you have used.
  6. A-M

    Weekend Challenge 28th March

    I should have added to the journaling that Bronwen made and iced the cake.... Celebrate with Cake
  7. Credits: Template - SNU_SSDLT_Painted Dream_Dance : kit with some recolouring: DRB_Birthday Party : Font - Kayleigh
  8. A-M

    Weekend Challenge 28th March

    Sounds like a great challenge as I took a photo of a cake just the other day so I hopefully will return sometime with a page to share.
  9. A-M

    Project Life Week 14 copy.jpg

    You have created a great page to document what is going on in our world.
  10. A-M

    After Covid travel

    Thankyou Andrea for the laugh. @Jane in N.Z I think you might be correct as people will be hesitant to travel - especially on cruise ships!
  11. A-M


    Please see EXIF for credits
  12. A-M

    Weekly Winners - March 23rd

    @ladyscrapalot Congratulations Kelly What a lovely surprise for me to see a page of mine here. Thankyou April @April Showers
  13. A-M

    Weekend Challenge March 21, 2020

    Thankyou Marilyn for this challenge as it inspired me to scrap a photo I had not scrapped before. Lizard