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  1. You have created a pretty thanksgiving card. The added glitter looks good and that word art looks great where you placed it.
  2. A-M

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    I will start this Slow Scrap but will not get it finished until next week as we head off on a little holiday this Saturday and will be away for 4 days. I will also miss the start of the next one but hope to still take part. patterned papers all from my newest purchase: DRB_Birthday Party; white - SNU_SSpaper_Crazy4cardstock; blue ( recolored) - SRO_Peach
  3. I agree with others here.... keep the Challenge Chase and leave the Bingo for special events. To add to this.... I would like to see Challenge Chase increase to 7 instead of 6 but incorporate Project Life run monthly instead of a yearly thing as I found last year when I hosted it, it all seemed to dwindle away a little during the year. Make it monthly and it might attract more participators. Do not have a yearly prize, just include with Challenge Chase which is why I suggest increasing the amount for the chase.
  4. @MariJ and @SodScrap Thank you both for these suggestions. I have added a couple to my wish list and bought that lovely kit by DRB Designs with her retiring it was a good price.
  5. A-M

    Nov LO 2_600

    The black and white theme to your page looks great because of the red in the photo. I do understand your thoughts on the rotation because of the spiral.
  6. A-M

    November Challenge Chase!

    I am heading off on a little holiday this weekend so I was determined to get my 6th page completed tonight.... Monthly Challenge#1 - 5 photos
  7. A-M

    November Monthly Challenges

    Very recent photos from this past weekend in my Challenge #1 - 5 Photos
  8. Credits: BMU_Happy Birthday ( some recoloring) SNU_Style_Cardstock Font- Hofmann Hand
  9. I tried doing a search in the shop for Birthday kits but could not find many. Please share any that you may have that are still in the store. I still have lots of Grandchildren Birthday photos I want to scrap. Thank you to whoever can help me.
  10. A-M

    Hello from NY

    Welcome Jen to Scrap Girls. I hope you settle in and enjoy being here. Do not hesitate to ask for any help you may need.
  11. A-M


    That is an interesting paper or embellishment down the centre of your page. Good choices in your chosen papers and embellishments to go with the photos.
  12. A-M

    November Challenge Chase!

    Up to my 5th.... #3 monthly challenge - Currently
  13. A-M

    November Monthly Challenges

    My page for #3 CURRENTLY
  14. A-M

    November#3 - Currently

    For this challenge I thought I would do it from my husband's point of view for currently. Credits: Italy by Love by Silvia Romeo Designs
  15. A-M

    slow scrap LO #2

    Your additional bits make this come together well. I like how you placed the journaling.