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    I don't need to understand, I just need to hold His hand.
    - Emolyn C. Lambert

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  1. I think my main problem is my long name. With needing to have so many letters it causes the signature to be long and with the limit to the length being 225 causes it to be small looking. The next time I make a new one I might play around with making the A and M normal size and the other letters smaller.
  2. I have cooked and eaten octopus. I have never been in a Hot Air Balloon.
  3. p.s. to my first post After having another good look around the forum I can see that the signatures that look bigger than mine are more square with the same length as mine but the height being the same as width makes them look bigger. Just with it being so small you cannot really see properly the lovely template by Dagi's Temp-tations that I used.
  4. I am wondering how some of you have nice sized signatures. When I try to upload a signature I keep getting the message that it is too large and when I make it small it is so much smaller than what most people have. So how do you get to have such nice sized signatures?
  5. Credits: Shape Up Siggies Template by Dagis Temp-tations DRB_HeartFelt Xmas Collection Mini Font - Titania MF
  6. 15 - hot cocoa/cider... middle of summer here so neither of these so I took a photo of my morning coffee I had with breakfast today.
  7. There are way too many nice new products !!!
  8. Brandy's Birthday collection has worked well for your boy themed page.
  9. Looks like some great memory photos you have captured. Great use of the template.
  10. She is a cutey. The colours of the collection go so well with her little outfit. I really do like that notebook embellishment... have just added that collection to my wish list.
  11. What a great effect you have achieved with this page. That one word is so right for the photo.
  12. Lovely family photo and you have achieved a great flow to your page.
  13. 14 - Night time My camera is not very good with night photography. I tried to take a photo of the Christmas lights at the front of a neighbours home.
  14. This is a lovely soft gentle page.