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  1. My curves plus stitching Moogerah Dam
  2. I have used one of my favourite curvy templates: EBA_SSDLO_Curvy ness papers and stitching from EBA_Afresh flowers from EBA_Bless This Nest Fonts- Poplar and Kalam
  3. @MariJ and @Boatlady I'll join you if you are taking scenic photos which I enjoy doing.
  4. I hear of a lot of people travelling to Vietnam. I do not think I have had any desire to go but now on this tour I have been. My Vertical and Plaid with word art layout.... Our Old Home
  5. Journaling reads: On Friday 23rd September 2022 we visited the town we last left. We drove past our old home and noticed they had the blinds pulled down on the verandah which we rarely did. An addition to the house is solar hot-water and panels on the roof. We visited elderly neighbours just down the road from there and they shared with us that a local man bought the house and repaired it for his daughter and son-in-law. It felt so nice to know a young couple now live there. Credits: template - SNU_SSDLT_Stitches Papers and lace from AHA_Fall Into You; heart fr
  6. I have caught up with all in such an interesting place in India... such interesting old books. My 3 plus photo page is in the gallery HERE
  7. Credits: staple from BMU_Bees Knees anchor button from BMU_Nassau everything else from BMU_Coastal Font - Throw My Hands Up
  8. I do like that lovely blue waters of the Blue Grotto. Sadly I have been called away on family business but hope to return and catch up on the tour in a few days.
  9. Tomorrow we are heading off to visit friends in our next state and then have two nights with our Bachelor friend where we used to live to watch the football finals on TV together like we have done for the past 8 years. 

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    2. MariJ


      That's sounds like a nice time, have fun and wishing you safe travels.  😊

    3. Boatlady


      Always fun to travel and see long time friends. Enjoy.

    4. Celestine


      Safe and fun travels to you both!

  10. My Provence page: Grevilleas was inspired by the lavender colours, flowers and the rows of lavender bushes so my photos are in a row.
  11. Inspirations from the photos was the lavender colour, flowers and the lavender in rows so my photos are in a row. Credits: CAP_Paint Chips Hot Purple ( slight recolouring) Bird - Blue Faced Honeyeater was an image I found on the internet. Fonts: Tangerine ( title) and Throw My Hand Up
  12. A-M

    WT - Provence

    I also enjoy photographing the sun shining on the sea as it looks like silver. Nice use of the photo used large on your page and those sparkly circles add a nice touch.
  13. What a cute fun photo. That fabric looking background paper looks just right to go with the photo. Fun title.
  14. That sounds like a great place to stay and I think I will take the Perfume making tour as I do make my own Air Freshener.
  15. 😉 Maybe I bought my new bag in Marrakesh
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