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  1. You are doing so well to keep up with all your lovely pages. That is a fun photo of the peas!
  2. Lots of lovely animal photos and nice roses. A great double page for your February.
  3. What a lovely green double page. Nice dotty numbers you have used.
  4. A lovely project life page again as always so enjoyable to see what you choose to photograph.
  5. I always enjoy seeing your lovely double pages. I do like the story behind the "fork".
  6. Congratulations on being a winner with this great memory page.
  7. This is a lovely page... worthy of being a winner. Congratulations.
  8. This is a great Project Life page. Those dotted lines look good.
  9. Here are the lovelies that you will find new in the shop. You can find this lovely colourful value pack in the shop HERE Another great value pack new in the shop HERE A very pretty Easter collection in the shop HERE Another lovely new collection by DRB Designs in the store HERE For anyone who can use styles in their program this is a lovely set to own. You can find this set in the shop HERE You can find the Eternity Value pack in the shop HERE I think this is a must have for those who enjoy using templates. You can find this set of templates in the shop HERE You can find this great set of Alphas by Caroline B in the shop HERE You can find this very pretty Value Pack in the shop HERE
  10. Very nice page to share the happenings in your life. Looks like we both have husbands who are handy around the home as mine recently renovated our laundry.
  11. What great photos! Lovely double page.
  12. I like those rose Fred gave you. Lovely page.
  13. You have created a lovely page for a not so nice event. I hope Bella is doing well now.
  14. What a lovely pretty purple page you created with all your photos and journaling. I like the look of the faded edges on your photos.
  15. What a lovely assortment of photos for your week which did sound busy. That book store sounds a great place to visit ( with lots of money ! ).