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    August Proj Life

    Great cloud photos. Social distancing is not so easy. I enjoyed reading your journaling and like your choice of flowers to add to your page. This is all set out so nicely using the template. Stay safe!
  2. A-M


    What a great ATC you have created. The wire netting adds a great effect to the theme of your little piece of artwork.
  3. Welcome Rae It is nice to see you here.
  4. Congratulations. Both are such lovely pages.
  5. Oh Jane! She is adorable. I do like her name as that was my Grandmother's name and my favourite Aunt's name. Congratulations to the parents and the grandparents. This is such a sweet baby page.
  6. Congratulations to the winners.
  7. Looks like a lot of fun. If I am not back at my volunteer work next week I may be able to attend the Mess or Masterpiece chat.
  8. Great scripture you have shared on this lovely page.
  9. This is not a page for any other site. I am trying to make use of my huge stash for my Project Life pages and I wanted a cute frog for this page and non of my Scrap Girls kits had one. For credits please see EXIF
  10. Lately I have been taking all sorts of photos.... greeting cards I have been making, jigsaws I have been doing ( onto my 4th one since 30th March), cooking, in yard where Ken is constructing a dry creek bed and waterfall feature. But once I read this challenge I went outside to take a photo of the raindrops on one of the roses because we had rain last night but I spotted a little visitor on the Blue Moon Rose. I am pleased how the photo turned out with my little camera. It is a very tiny spider and so interesting to see how they have the same intricate markings like larger spiders do. Then when we had morning tea down in Ken's Folly ( small pavilion) I spotted this insect and I am not sure if it is a butterfly or not? so..... Nature Photography
  11. Everything by Connie Prince: word nature from Nature Walk papers from Sweet Solitude Flower from My Girl leaves from Paint Chip Candy Apple Stitches from January 2020 Font - Note This
  12. Great words on a lovely ATC.
  13. Thank you @Jane in N.Z for sharing this with us. Laughter is good for us.
  14. I am like Jane and really only use Jifs for challenges. This one I found in my stash was a layered PSD one so I enjoyed using it for.... Tamborine Mountain
  15. Credits: BMU_JIFAlbum_Menageria Fonts - Arial and Cheyenne Hand This was a PSD Jif so I removed a couple of things and added two more butterflies
  16. Great quote on a very nicely created ATC. That is a lovely key and padlock embellishment you have used.
  17. I should have added to the journaling that Bronwen made and iced the cake.... Celebrate with Cake
  18. Credits: Template - SNU_SSDLT_Painted Dream_Dance : kit with some recolouring: DRB_Birthday Party : Font - Kayleigh
  19. Sounds like a great challenge as I took a photo of a cake just the other day so I hopefully will return sometime with a page to share.
  20. You have created a great page to document what is going on in our world.
  21. A-M

    After Covid travel

    Thankyou Andrea for the laugh. @Jane in N.Z I think you might be correct as people will be hesitant to travel - especially on cruise ships!
  22. A-M


    Please see EXIF for credits
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