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  1. A-M

    6 Letter Words

    yanked next word starts with a D
  2. A-M

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    I have created my title using two different alphas and I hope it was okay to add a word using a font. I will need to catch up on the last step at a later time as tomorrow we head off to spend a night with the daughter and family to celebrate 2 Birthdays happening today. ( oldest and youngest grandchildren)
  3. A-M

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    I hope it was okay to turn three of my embellishments as well as the photos. The heart and gift both looked a little odd lying on their sides and also the little snowman needed to be standing upright.
  4. A-M

    Weekly Winners November 11th

    Both lovely pages.... well done Bet and Pattyanne
  5. It was good to get another page created about my childhood. Credits: Black paper - SNU_SSPaper_Crazy4Cardstock White paper - SRO_Blank Canvas Duck, Flower, journal strip - GWH_Ruba Dub Dub Toys - BMU_Junk Trunk Rabbit - BMU_Easter Sunday Font - Hofmann Hand
  6. A-M

    Nov Month LO4_600

    This is a very arty interesting looking page you have created. Your daughter looks like a movie star! and so very grown up looking.
  7. A-M

    November Challenge Chase!

    my 4th for this month..... Newsletter for 12th - Toys
  8. Thankyou Mikelle for this challenge which inspired me to get another page created about my childhood... Toys
  9. A-M

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    I added 6 different embellishments:
  10. A-M


    I admired this in the newsletter. It is such a pretty page. I like the touches of colour you added.
  11. A-M

    Nov Month LO3_600

    The patchwork look of your page goes well with your blanket you are making. I enjoyed reading what you are currently doing. A very nice page for this challenge.
  12. A-M

    Nov Month LO2_600

    Great choice in your background paper. Ilike the little bead/sequin spill. I think I need to have a closer look at the kit you used for this lovely page. I just might need to own that one.
  13. A-M

    November #3 - Granny Flat R

    I comment on the other half of your double page. That Bless this Nest title looks good. I like the size of your kitchen. I would need one that size if we ever move into a unit.
  14. A-M

    November #3 - Granny Flat L

    Your new little home is looking good. Thank you for sharing all these photos with us on such a nicely set out page.
  15. This is a great page to inspire us for your challenge. That netting behind the photos work so well with the netting in the photo. I like where you placed the journaling.
  16. A-M

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    Okay Marilyn, I put my creative cap on and added another photo spot on the template I am using and moved and resized things a little.
  17. A-M


    I do like what you are doing currently! This is what I hope to be doing later this month when we have a little holiday at a beachside town. You have certainly created a large cluster with all those shells and it looks good.
  18. A-M

    Le Mont t Michel

    You have used the freebies well to create this page. All those framed parts of the photo look very effective.
  19. A-M

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    The template I chose is my Aimee Harrison - Simply4 I added the papers to the paper strips that were in the template as well as the background papers. Now Marilyn, I hope you are not going to be too crazy with us !!!!
  20. A-M

    Nov Challenge 1

    This is lovely. Very cleverly done with the 5 different sized photos for the challenge. The use of black and white photos is very effective.
  21. I was not present at this wedding. The one signing the register is my sister-in-law and she sent me photos of this wedding of a very close friend of hers who is like a granddaughter to her. Credits ( some very old items and one very new one): Flower - DRB_Sweet Safari_Freebie paper - EBA_Dandelion_Special bow - PWR_Bow Border_Special Beads - AWI_Murano_Special Stitching - CTH_SSAlbum_Special Font - Hugs and Kisses
  22. A-M

    Love is Hard!

    The black and white with pink is very pretty for your lovely page featuring a photo of your parents on their wedding day. You have put together a great page using so many different freebies.
  23. A-M

    November challenge_#2

    Is one of these lovely ladies your mother? You have used lovely blues to create this special page.
  24. A-M

    Weekend challenge

    What a gorgeous photo.... Scout looks so comfy. You have used your freebies well to create this lovely page.
  25. A-M

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 11-9

    This was fun as I realised I have not grabbed any newsletter freebies for a long long time. Thank you @MariJ for the hint about searching for the word "special" as it helped me a lot with my layout.... Signing the Register