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  1. A-M

    Project Life 2018

    Welcome Cath ( from a fellow Aussie) to our Project Life 2018 challenge.
  2. While I was sleeping you have all been creating some lovely multi photo layouts using templates.
  3. That is an interesting template you have used with those cute photos. I enjoyed your journaling. Thankyou for taking part in this my first challenge.
  4. A-M

    NY New York

    Very nicely done with the template and Wow! what great embellishments you have created. Thank you for taking part in this challenge.
  5. A-M

    Nuage examines

    This is so very nice. Great action photos of your cat. You have used the template very well. Thank you for taking part in this challenge.
  6. A-M


    I do like those blended photos in the background and these look like lovely memory photos. The use of not many embellishments makes the photos really stand out. Thankyou for taking part in this challenge.
  7. A-M


    This is a lovely pocket style page. Nice template you have used. Lovely clusters and a very nice wedding page. Thank you for taking part in this challenge.
  8. Great double page. Those photos are great... what wonderful sculptures. I do like the touches of red on this. Thank you for taking part in this challenge.
  9. A-M

    Best Move Ever

    Lovely double page. I love seeing scenic photos and especially ones with mountains in the background. I like the lace and strip of paper along the top of your layout.. looks good. Thank you for taking part in this challenge.
  10. With so many joining us for Project Life 2018, I think to share the charts I will be splitting them in two otherwise you will never read them as I can only upload a certain size to the forum. Tonight , my time I will share the updated charts as I will be busy with Grandchildren this weekend coming for a sleep over. When you all see the chart there will be a little surprise with thanks to Angie ( our boss).
  11. A-M

    Project Life 2018

    Welcome to our Project Life challenge. I have added you to the chart and you will see your name there once I update the chart.
  12. I have posted the Tuesday Challenge for this week. My first time of hosting. Hope you will enjoy taking part. You can find the challenge HERE

    1. MariJ


      Looking great, Anne Marie - you’re doing a stand-up job, thank you. :) 

  13. A-M

    Lost To Time

    Congratulations on being a winner with this lovely page. I hope one day you can find out who these people are.
  14. Welcome to this week's Tuesday Challenge This is the time of the year that many people start project life. So for this weeks layouts we are focusing on multiple photo layouts. A great way to use lots of photos on a layout is to use a template and you can find lots of great multi photo templates in the shop. I challenge you to use no less than three photos on your layout. I could be mean and say a minimum of 5 but I thought I would be kind and say just 3 minimum. This challenge is not for a Project Life layout. The theme of your layout is your choice. Here is a link to the store where you can find lots and lots of great templates. The template you use does not have to be a newly purchased one. Have a look through your stash as you might just have a template you have never used before that would be perfect for this challenge. Once you have completed your layout and uploaded it to the Newsletter Gallery HERE please return to this thread and share a link to your layout. You can find my layout HERE
  15. Template used : 5678Go by Dagi's Temp-tations other credits: DRB_Heart Felt Xmas SRO_Blank Canvas Fonts - La Belle Aurore and Sue Ellen Fancisco for title
  16. What a lovely page to start your year off. Great journaling. I like that "cheers" word art to go with the champagne.
  17. A-M

    Project Life 2018

    Conda, I have added you to the chart and you will see your name added when I next update it.
  18. A-M


    I enjoy seeing those smiling faces of your grandchildren. Your garden looks good. I do not have a lot of success with growing herbs other than parsley.
  19. Your lovely flower ATC inspired me to use a flower on mine.
  20. A-M

    January ATC Swap

    I enjoyed creating this ATC using a photo I took last week. Pincushion Flower
  21. This is a flower I grew from seed and read the seed packet incorrectly as I though they grew for 12 inches but no... they grow to 36 inches so they are all falling over and we have to tie them up. This is just one colour. Credits: paper - SRO_Blank Canvas word art - Flowers ( removed the s) - BMU_Grace Font - Brexia
  22. A-M


    What a lovely idea to tell you husband you love him. This is a well set out page.
  23. A-M


    This is a lovely page to show off those special chocolates. Do not forget to share a link in the forum thread for Project Life 2018.
  24. A-M

    2018 Week 1

    Wow! what a great start to your year. This looks great. I enjoyed reading your journaling and that is one cute mermaid.
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