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    A great assortment of photos. This is a very warm looking double layout.
  2. Congratulations Barbara !
  3. A-M

    Bucket List

    That is a great photo of your poinsettia. You have used Dagi's template well for this lovely page.
  4. A-M

    Layout by Susie Roberts

    This is so very pretty. I do like your pressed tin papers.
  5. A-M

    Project Life 2017

    Another one finished.... Week 45
  6. A-M

    Project Life 2017

    Trying to catch up... WEEK 44
  7. A-M

    Photo A Day Challenge - December

    Marilyn, they are Corellas but are from the same family of birds.
  8. A-M

    Photo A Day Challenge - December

    Day 8 photo... HANGING I took a photo of the key hanging on our key rack that I use to open up The Transaction Centre where I work on Fridays.
  9. I am doing way better with this game... so far.... 5
  10. A-M

    Sneak Peek 12/8

    Looks like some nice goodies arriving in the store soon !
  11. A-M

    At Last

    This is nicely created ATC.
  12. A-M

    Dec ATC

    You have created a great ATC with all things you included on it.
  13. A-M


    That is a good quote and a lovely photo.
  14. A-M


    Very pretty greens.
  15. I just marked off 2 so now I am up to..... 4
  16. A-M

    Photo A Day Challenge - December

    Day 7 - OUTSIDE I went outside this morning to photograph our new Television antennae that was installed on Monday only discover two visitors sitting on it so they got their photo taken.
  17. A-M

    Song Title Game

    Back in My Arms Again by The Supremes
  18. A-M

    First Word

  19. None this time so still sitting on ..... 2
  20. A-M

    Christmas Bucket List

    That is a long list you have. Great page for the challenge.
  21. A-M

    Photo A Day Challenge - December

    Day 6 here Down Under... GLITTER So I took a photo of a decoration I made with my granddaughter 5 years ago and I still hang it every year. I doubt that they still have the ones they made. I reduced the size of the photo before uploading so it is not such a huge photo.
  22. A-M

    December ATC swap

    I decided to find a quote to use.... Last One