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  1. You have a fun photo to work with. Nice choice of paper and elements.
  2. A-M

    July swap for Carla

    This looks a well set out layout. I enjoy seeing waterfalls.
  3. A-M


    You have created a lovely page for Linda. The words are great to go with the photos. The use of the mask with the top photo is very effective.
  4. What great dog photos. I like the bent ear photo. Great title work on this lovely page.
  5. This sounds a great challenge. I'll have a good look through my stash and see which kit I have not used.
  6. That blended photo looks good. Very well arranged photos.
  7. A-M

    July Swap for Anne-Marie

    Thankyou for such a precious page featuring my photos. I do really like the words you have used. All those stars look good as he is a little star ( to me ).
  8. A-M

    July Swap Crop

    This looks good. You did well to include so much journaling.
  9. A-M

    July Swap Crop

    I have unloaded the page I created for Diane ( Florida Granny) Amsterdam Flower Market
  10. Diane sent me some great photos of a place I would love to visit and bring home with me lots of flower bulbs... one thing is I will not be going overseas in the near future and even if I did, they would not let me bring the bulbs home to Australia, anyway. Please see EXIF for credits as I used a few kits with most of them by Amanda Fraijo-Tobin
  11. A-M

    July2017-2scrap pages

    What a great idea to create a page about the layouts you did this month. For my own interest I just had a look through my completed layouts folded and for this month I finished 11 layouts.
  12. A-M

    July Swap Crop

    Diane as you will be away I have emailed you your page which I hope you receive okay. I will share in the gallery later on.
  13. You have used the sweet photos well. I like your choice of word art.
  14. Welcome Gail We will all look forward to seeing your digital scrapbook pages. Do not hesitate to ask for any help you may need.
  15. A-M

    Cosette - 10 Months

    How precious is she! Such a sweet page. Lovely soft colours.
  16. Wow! the shop is overflowing with some great new additions !!!
  17. A-M

    July Swap Crop

    I finished my page for Diane this week. I had some very interesting photos to work with so I hope I have done them justice.
  18. I really like some patterned papers but use a lot of solids as I like to do a lot of journaling so I am not very happy when I would like to work with just one kit and discover it only has patterned papers.
  19. Thankyou for this challenge as I had fun creating a very quick page: Fearless
  20. My youngest granddaughter on the edge of our local river. Credits: BMU_Sketch Action; AFT_Lively
  21. A-M

    Those Who Wander

    Nice colours in your collection. Great words on this lovely layout you are inspiring us with.
  22. A-M

    Project Life 2017 June 2

    Great photos and a lovely purple background.
  23. A-M

    In The Lavender.jpg

    This caught my eye.... so beautiful.
  24. Just finished my Project Life 2016 pages for February. This is last year !  I hope to eventually get them all done and printed before this year ends. 

    1. MariJ


      Good going Anne Marie!  Keep up the good work! :) 

    2. DixieLee


      that is amazing, you are so organized in doing this!

    3. April Showers

      April Showers

      Way to go Ann Marie!

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