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  1. This is a great page for your challenge and you have inspired me so much with the use of the template that I just went and bought that set of templates by Angie.
  2. I am hoping the word does not need to be a separate word art. Friends and Family by Tami Miller
  3. Challenge #4 - 4 or more photos - Beach Baby
  4. My 6th one... #4 monthly   4 or more photos - Beach Baby
  5. I came upon this old photos when searching for my sports photos and realised I had not made use of many of these photos. I had used two others taken that day preivously - one a close up of her face with her beautiful blue eyes and one with her mother walking along the edge of the water. for credits please see EXIF
  6. AFL stands for Australian Football League for credits please see EXIF
  7. Here is a kit by Tami Miller with buttons: Thankful for Family
  8. A-M

    Amelia Rose

    She looks a sweet baby and what a pretty dress she is wearing. Lovely well scrapped page to share this photo on.
  9. Some little stars in Winter Twilight by Designs by Helly
  10. What a fun subject for your photo. The page you have created makes it look like sponge actually is in the sea. I must have a closer look at the kits you have used for this page as they looks useful ones to own.
  11. I found nice pink hearts in this lovely kit:
  12. A-M

    Macro challenge

    You palm frond photo is great! Very nicely created page for the challenge.
  13. Great flower photos and so nicely displayed on this page. You have used the book background well.
  14. How fun that we both used the same subject for the photos we shared in this challenge. Very nice masking on this lovely page.
  15. Thankyou Mikelle for this challenge. I do enjoy taking close up nature photos with my little camera. There are times I would like to own a DSLR but am really pleased with what I can achieve with my little camera...... Macro Photo
  16. My 4th.... Weekend Wildcard - Macro Photo
  17. If you need to know what it is let me know. For credits please see EXIF
  18. That is a pretty crystal and you have photographed it well. Great title for your page.
  19. I enjoyed creating my Valentine page
  20. My 3rd one... Newsletter 11th - Valentine
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