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  1. Thankyou for the challenge ... Sparkly Gift Tags
  2. Credits: CKH_Star of Wonder ; fonts - Christine for journaling and on the tags - Candy Round BTN
  3. Saturday question..... yes I reuse the decorations from previous years. But the thing that changes every year is the string full of Christmas cards I receive. I string that up in our lounge room.
  4. Friday question..... We do not do any decorating outside. We used to put up some lights but with the last few years always being away we did not want to let it be known we are away which lights not coming on would show to those would be thieves. Inside I do minimal decorating these days.
  5. I did enjoy reading your journaling - nice font to use and I like the color you chose for it and title. All those paper flag/strips along the side must have taken you time to create.
  6. You are creating some stunning pages for all these quote challenges. I do like the red and gold theme to this one.
  7. That is a pretty glittery palm tree ornament... I think I need one of those because of all the palm trees in our backyard. Nice green theme to your page.
  8. A-M

    bingo #17

    A lovely boat themed page. Great title work and I like the addition of that seagull at the bottom of the page.
  9. Before I looked closely at your page I thought this was a photo of a waterfall. I like all that silver tinsel. Nicely created cluster you created with those ornaments and branch.
  10. Wow! that is a gorgeous Christmas tree. I enjoyed reading your journaling. Nice masking of the photo.
  11. Looks like you have had fun putting this page together with the use of so many pretty embellishments.
  12. All those different photos of tree ornaments looks like a lovely patchwork. The touches of blue looks good.
  13. This looks great. I do like that bokeh effect.
  14. We are doing the same as we did the last few years with celebrating with daughter and her family Christmas Eve ( roast turkey this year). After breakfast the next day we drive to my older sister in the next state to us to have two nights with her. We have a traditional Aussie Christmas Day lunch - cold meats and salads. It is too difficult for this sister to go away for Christmas as her son and his son live with her. Little James is very autistic and would not cope to go away from his home to a different setting. He does attend special school which is helping a lot.
  15. A-M

    bingo #10

    Great shadowing on this and all those sparkles look great.
  16. I have printed this and put on display in my home as a Christmas decoration and reminder to myself. Credits: CAP_Peace and Joy Fonts - Gist and Handprinting
  17. I am feeling very happy as today restrictions have been eased a lot in Aged Care facilities so I can return fully as a volunteer after Christmas. 

    1. englishrose


      Great news! The residents will be glad to see you back.

    2. SodScrap
    3. bcgal00


      That's good news to hear. 

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  18. Yes, I enjoy watching Christmas Movies. We have ACCTV which is an Australian Christian channel with our Foxtel so the last few nights I have been watching some Christmas ones. So far they are ones I have seen before. I like watching Hallmarks mini movies - Signed Sealed Delivered and I really enjoy watching the Christmas one during this series of movies. I think I have seen it 3 times now. It is only good if you have got to know the characters in the previous movies.
  19. Welcome back Patsy.... hope you find time to create some pages for all the great challenges happening this month.
  20. You have put some thought into creating this to make it look like a gift. I do like the large gold heart and the words on top of it.
  21. @bcgal00 Rae, that is a favourite of mine but mainly because it brings back memories when I acted the part of Mary at the Cross during "Christmas the Full Story" which was a nightly production held in our town where we used to live, quite some years ago. They had that song playing in the background for the section I was acting in. I own two of Pentontix's Christmas CDs and enjoy listening to them. HERE is the link to possibly my most favourite Christmas song.
  22. This was fun.... took me a while to get a few. Hopefully I have them all correct.
  23. Credits: EBA_SSDLO_Curvy; CKH_Star of Wonder ; SNU_SSEmb_Kiss the Cook; SNU_Style_Flair; fonts - Boogaloo for title and Bradley hand for journaling
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