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  1. What a lovely memory page. This is so very pretty.
  2. #3 Challenge using masks ( they were in the template I used).... Soul Sister Rose
  3. My 2nd ..... #3 monthly Challenge using masks... Soul Sister Rose
  4. What a lovely page you have created. I like that flair embellishment you used and placed so well.
  5. What great photos to have. I enjoyed your journaling and the extra bit of the story from your mother's cousin. This is a lovely heritage page.
  6. This is a great page for the challenge. I like how you have the curved red paper like that in the image given as inspiration for this challenge. Sweet photos.
  7. I think some years ago there was a set of custom shapes that would fit what you are after but I cannot find it in the store now. The closest I came was the tab in this set: In the store HERE
  8. The 2 is as it is in the collection. I just recolored the red area surrounding the letter T to be blue.
  9. Challenge #1 - 2 Ready for School
  10. My 1st for the month... Monthly #1 - 2 Ready for School
  11. This is my Son-in-law with the two youngest children - Jasmine and Andreas, The photo was taken by my daughter. See EXIF for credits
  12. What a fun photo on a very artistically created page.
  13. This is a great page to showcase your favourite collection. The blended photo looks great and it is a great photo as well.
  14. A-M

    Peonies May's Bounty

    What a pretty page you have created. I do like the strips of floral papers.
  15. @scrappinchar It is a little confusing but Angie has stated at the start of this thread that this is where we share links and the other thread is for chatting. You can read the opening thread HERE
  16. Yes, Charlene, links go in this thread and the other thread is just for chatting.
  17. Those are good photos and great masking and blending. The touches of red paint work so well with the red of the cranes.
  18. A-M

    Project Life #5 left

    I hope Dash's foot heals well for him. This is such an interesting page with those close ups. The stone wall looks unusual.
  19. A-M

    Project Life 2020

    Thankyou Marilyn for asking. There may be times I would not get the page done by the 3rd of the next month so I am okay with not being part of the prize draw as I accepted that last year.
  20. I am now doing monthly highlight pages and not working with the photo prompts..... January 2020
  21. A-M

    Project Life 2020

    I have had a change in my plans for Project Life this year and will be doing like last year and do monthly pages. So again they may not be eligible for the prizes as I possibly will not get February page done until March ... etc. I am okay with that and will still share my pages in the gallery if I use Scrap Girls products.
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