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    Prompt 3 - Plaid

    You used the alpha that I now own after seeing it used on Sue's page yesterday. The plaid background goes so well with your photo.
  2. Wow! what a fun page you have created. The neon moon looks very effective.
  3. I have sent my answers. Thank you Bea for hosting this fun game. I like to get my brain working on these sorts of puzzles. There were two that had me stumped for awhile.
  4. A-M


    I agree with Florida Granny... Wow! what stunning photos and set out so well on this great memory page. I so much enjoy seeing places I will never get to see in the real.
  5. A-M

    Bingo Prompt 7

    They are a very unusual flower. My sister and her husband used to grow them commercially for florists. You have used or created a lovely green background. I enjoyed your journaling.
  6. A-M

    Bingo Prompt 25

    This is so special... that branch embellishment looks like it were part of the photo. Great masking of that lovely photo.
  7. A-M

    Feeding the Ponies

    What great out of bounds you have achieved on that sweet photo. I just love the look on her face in the bottom right photo. This is a lovely page.
  8. I hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am having with all the fun events for the Anniversary! :2468who-do-we-appreciate:

    1. MariJ


      It’s been a good time, Anne Marie with more to come!  :)

    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Fun indeed! I've been in and out of Internet this week but enjoying what I can. :) 

  9. A-M


    wow! what a great effect you have achieved on that photo of Nuage. This is a lovely page.
  10. A-M

    Wednesday - I Spy Game

    bugs.... I spy.... a tag
  11. A-M

    Prompt 2 Stitching

    Precious baby page. All those torn bits look great along with the stitching.
  12. A-M


    I wondered what that was sitting on the drink until I read your journaling. then I noticed the bottom photo. this is a lovely memory page and was a nice font you used for the journaling.
  13. A-M


    You must be getting close to a block out on the Bingo card! this is a great page. I like the torn look of the photo.
  14. A-M


    That is a really interesting effect you have achieved on the photo. all the paint splatters look good.
  15. A-M

    My Space

    That does look like a comfortable chair. You have created a nice page to share this with us. Cute doll.
  16. A-M


    This is a very nice Artjournal page.
  17. A-M

    Hi from Pa

    Welcome to Scrap Girls. I hope you settle in and enjoy being here. I look forward to seeing your pages featuring your Angel and your granddaughter, Destiny. Thankyou for sharing with us a photo of yourself.
  18. Thankyou Marilyn for the lovely surprise of being the winner of this fun game.
  19. One of the attractions to the store here at Scrapbooks was Actions and Styles... I am a real style junkie. On an old EHD I found downloads from May 2008 which is about when I joined here. This is a set of actions by Brandy Murry - Sketch It - that has the date 29 th May 2008 on my download : ( sorry I cannot get the image to show any bigger )
  20. A-M


    I do like that scene out your window. Very nice page to share where you do your creating.
  21. A-M


    Now Barbara is this you? Lovely background you have created with all the leaves and the pear.
  22. A-M


    This is a great puppy photo. Very nice corner clusters. Just that one word Happy suits the photo well
  23. A-M


    A lovely page to share a sweet child photo. I like the corners how you created them... very nice.