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    Project Life 2020

    I have had a change in my plans for Project Life this year and will be doing like last year and do monthly pages. So again they may not be eligible for the prizes as I possibly will not get February page done until March ... etc. I am okay with that and will still share my pages in the gallery if I use Scrap Girls products.
  2. Some great photos for your month. I like your statement about your first photo being a screenshot of a bible Verse. I would be interested to know what it is as I cannot read it on my computer screen. Very nicely set out page.
  3. How clever of you to work with the date. This is a great purple page. I like all the glitter.
  4. @Boatlady Debby, you have a great list of challenges for this month. Not sure what I would do for sport so for it I may need to look for some older photos.
  5. A-M

    Green Bee - JJ Lo #3

    That is an interesting bee. Very nicely scrapped page with that very arty background.
  6. to all of us for completing this month's chase.
  7. What a great page you have created to share what you do each day. Do you add photos etc to your real journal? Great blending of the photo into the background.
  8. I chose to do the every day event of when we do our fortnightly shopping. Coffee
  9. Credits: SNU_SSDLT_Art Journal SNU_Stories We Tell ( papers clipped to layers in template) EBA_Coffee House ( mug and flower) DBH_Song Bird ( String recoloured) Font - Callie Hand
  10. I found this information that may answer your question: https://digitalscrapbookinghq.com/photoshop-elements-organizer-workflow/
  11. A-M

    Project Life Week 4a

    Dear Andrea, This is a very heartfelt page you have created. I did not realise this was happening to you. I agree the short haired wig suits you more and makes you look younger than the long haired one does.
  12. A-M


    This is a lovely scraplift of Jane's page. I like that soft background. I must have a closer look at the kit you used.
  13. @angleigh thankyou for sharing the list for February.
  14. I use Nexusfont and find it great. I am on Windows 7. I have my Photoshop CS6 open and start working on my layout. Open up Nexusfont and find the set of fonts I want to work with. Then go back to my CS6 and they are all there but only temporary while Nexusfont is open. This means you do not have to install all your fonts.
  15. Great use of the alpha with the quote and a very nicely created border.
  16. Wow! what a stunning wedding page. Your blending of the photo looks so good. The bride had a beautiful dress.
  17. The week 3 prompt worked okay for me ... Our Favourite
  18. Credits: Template : MPE_SSDLAT_Scrap It Monthly Blue paper - MPE_Scrap It Monthly Pink paper - BED_Project Keepsake Jan2018 Numbers and letters - BED_Hope Spring New gift - SNU_Xmas Happy rope, shell and starfish - BMU_Coastal Fonts - Casion and Chicken Scratch
  19. A-M

    The New Year

    This is a lovely start to your year. I really enjoyed reading your journaling. Lovely family photo.
  20. My 6th page..... Monthly #3 - Tribute
  21. #3 Challenge - Tribute It is not a real tribute page but it is coming up soon the anniversary of my Mother's death so I thought I would scrap a page using a favourite photo I have of her.
  22. Credits: Chinese Festival by Connie Prince lion from Animal Kingdom by Connie Prince Fonts - Aparajita and Casual
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