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  1. A-M

    Technique Chat

    Wow! You extracted your altered photo and it looks good.
  2. A-M

    Template Chat

    What a sweet puppy. You have used the template well.
  3. A-M


    How lovely to have those old postcards. Are the photos from the postcards? This is a pretty page to share your story.
  4. A-M


    The wood grain for the challenge as worked well with your chosen photos. Looks like a lovely old bridge.
  5. A-M

    Why I Scrap Chat

    Oh Barabara! I had to laugh at your last reason! This is a very pretty page to share why you like scrapbooking.
  6. A-M

    Two Friends

    The effect you used for this page looks great. I like the added white bits.
  7. A-M

    ScrapGirls Meet UP

    A lovely page to share such a special event. I cannot read the names on my computer screen and would really enjoy to know who each person is.
  8. A-M


    This is like a piece of artwork which it is! You should frame this one.
  9. This is a friend when she was younger and danced with the Australian Ballet. She is the one of the right. Credits: used parts of - SNU_SSDLT_In Stitches SNU_Stories We Tell Font - Samantha
  10. This is my middle granddaughter during her recent stay with us including her brother. We only have them 2 at a time as the 4 do not fit in our car with us. Credits: green paper - ACU_Modern Love circles - ACU_Simply Loved everything else - ACU_School Girl template loosely used - SNU_SSDLT_Fade In Font - Hoffman
  11. Thankyou Marilyn I enjoyed doing all the commenting in the gallery and I did play a few games to help boost my numbers. Jane, hope you enjoy doing some more shopping.
  12. A-M

    template challenge

    That word art worked well for your page. The painted circles add a nice touch behind the photo.
  13. A-M

    prompt #23

    Surely you must be getting close to a Block out. I am so much enjoying all the pages you are creating for the Bingo Game. I like what you ahe down with the background papers - looks so effective to go with the photos. Interesting journaling.
  14. She has a lovely smile. The dotted paper works so well with the stripes in her top. Nice small flower clusters.
  15. A-M

    Song Chat

    This is a pretty pink page. I like how the mermaid is holding that pink flower.
  16. I like stitches on pages. Great colouring of photo, papers and embellishments on this page.
  17. A-M

    Song Chat

    That is nice that you share the whole song. I have never been to a baseball game. The banner along the top was a good addition to your lovely page.
  18. A-M

    AW Song Challenge

    I would love to join her and splash in some rain puddles. Our state desperately needs rain. This is such a pretty page. I like the way you used just a few little blue flowers on this to do with the blue on her dress.
  19. The use of the large photo for the background has worked well for your page along with the more close up photos.
  20. A-M

    Song Chat

    So she is still in a Marching Band? This is good that she has stuck with it. Great page for the challenge.
  21. A-M

    Why I Scrapbook

    Looks like he is enjoying looking at your scrapbook. I hope I get the same reaction from my grandchildren... once I get my album about my childhood finished. This is a lovely page using the template.
  22. A-M

    Why I scrapbook

    Yes.... important to preserve memories. Nice use of two similar photos. Nice flower clusters.
  23. A-M

    Why I Scrapbook

    This is a nice bright page to share your thoughts of why you scrapbook.
  24. A-M

    Why I Scrapbook

    That is a nice way of looking at scrapbooking. You have created a lovely page to share this thought. Nice flower cluster.
  25. I agree wholeheartedly! I like the word art you used or did you create it? What a sweet group photo.