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  1. Actually the photo spot in the template worked well as it is narrow so you did not get to see the mess under the keyboard shelf.
  2. I did a little bit of tidying up and took a photo. My Scrapping Space
  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! what a beautiful black and white themed page. It works so well with your precious wedding photo.
  4. A-M


    This is stunning! I like your colour choice for you name!
  5. A-M

    Highlight of Summer!

    Now that would be a highlight of your summer! Lovely page to share the photo and a great title you have created.
  6. Z - Zip which I have seen among embellishments and used one many many years ago on a page.
  7. Marilyn, I think that would be Sue's starting number as looking at the forum activity she has not posted anything since visiting this thread.
  8. Credits: photo taken by me of an oleander in our garden frame - FLO_Fresh Air Accent, leaf and style - FLO_Garden Party font - Maiandra
  9. Bea, that is what I have in my computer craft room a second hand old style computer cupboard that I can close up and it looks like a cabinet when we need my room to have someone sleep in it.
  10. stood up and took a step closer something unexpected happened. Ellen had not been looking down because she just could not keep her eyes off what she saw. She went falling forward head first because she tripped over .........
  11. A-M

    At the Patch

    Now that is a lot of pumpkins! Nice quote you have used. The little touched of blue with two your flowers brings out the blue in the child's jacket... very well done.
  12. A-M


    I enjoy seeing dog photos. Sage looks like a cute puppy but no doubt growing into a big dog. Nice arrangement of all those photos.
  13. A-M


    A very nice beach themed page. The black and white photo goes well with your chosen kit.
  14. A-M


    This is so very pretty. I like the painted look of this. Nice shadowing of the butterflies.
  15. A-M

    My Scrapping Space

    What a lovely page to share with us where you do your scrapbooking. The touches of pink make this a lovely feminine page.
  16. A-M


    Great page for the black ground page in the Bingo game.
  17. A-M

    15th Anniversary Siggie

    You say not complicated but it certainly looks lovely. You have put it all together nicely.
  18. A-M


    What a pretty page. All that glitter go so well with those pretty ballerinas.
  19. A-M

    prompt #4

    The years certainly fly by the older we get. I like the scribble embellishment you have used and then the wording and date separated by that and the flowers. Nice masking of the large photo.
  20. A-M

    Helmet Grad

    This is a lovely baby boy page. The placement of the wording around the corner like you have done looks good.
  21. A-M


    What an interesting sculpture. You have created an enjoyable page to show off this photo.
  22. A-M


    I am also enjoying seeing all your lovely page featuring this sweet baby. I like how you added the bike to go along with the story of this page.
  23. A-M


    Great use of the twig frame. Lovely journaling.