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  1. Thankyou for taking part in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge. Your title using the alphas looks good. What a sweet photo... gorgeous smile on the two children looking at the camera and the little one looking away. So hard to photograph children at times. The touches of red on this look good.
  2. Cindy, you can use any alphas... they do not have to be from the different designers. ( I have added that to my instructions as others may also have the same question as you).
  3. A-M

    Project Life 2018

    Carol, for Project Life the rules for the gallery are the same as for any other challenge. You can use any product you want to as long as you abide by the rules. Here is an extraction from the rules: You agree that you will not try to direct our members away from the Scrap Girls website either temporarily or permanently. This includes: When crediting the products used in a layout, you may note what designer created an item, but you may not provide the store name, web address or link for the item if it is not from the Scrap Girls Boutique. You may not use the Forum as a marketing tool to sell or recommend competitive products, including any supplies, tutorials, or online classes that Scrap Girls sells, offers, or gives away to our customers or might potentially sell, offer or give away. The following is prohibited in your posts, messages, galley images, profile, and signature: 1. Links or addresses for websites, online stores or blogs where any competitive product or information is distributed. 2. Images used to market products, freebies or classes that are not associated with Scrap Girls. 3. Images, links or web addresses for any non-competing products or services you are currently selling, or hope to sell in the future, that are not associated with Scrap Girls. 4. Marketing language meant to persuade or entice someone to go look, view, download, use or buy something that is not associated with Scrap Girls. For example: • Come to XXXXX.com (or XXXXX dot com) • Email me at yourname@xxxxx.com • Get freebies at XXXXX • Get this information at XXXXX forum • You can find/I found XXXXX at XXXXX • Available at/coming soon to XXXXX • Send me a PM/I’ll send you a PM (with competitive information).
  4. There certainly are some great new things in the store. Too many to choose from !!!
  5. A-M


    You have created a lovely page to start off the year of Project Life. Once I saw the parrot you used on your page I thought you must be a fellow Aussie !
  6. Welcome to this weeks challenge. This is my first time for hosting the Weekend Wildcard challenge and I am not going to be too wild about what I am asking you to do for this challenge, but the results of what you create may be a little "wild", depending on what you decide to create and play with to create your page. Here is the challenge: I want you to mix up some different alphas from different collections for your Title on your layout ( any theme, any photos or no photos if you want to do an Art journal style page). If you prefer to create your own alphas with styles, please feel welcome to do so. But there must be a variety of at least two different styles of alphas in your title. They can be the same colours but definitely different in style. You do not have to use alphas from different designers as long as the style of them is different. Please share your layout in the Weekend Wildcard Gallery which you can find HERE. Once you upload your layout to the gallery please return to this thread and if possible share a link to your layout so we can all admire it. But at least let us know you have created a page for this challenge. Lolly Lips is the title of the page I had fun creating and you can find it in the gallery HERE.
  7. If you are looking at this layout I hope you are planning to join me in the Weekend Wildcard challenge that this is my sample page for. You can find the challenge details HERE Credits: AMD_Valentine; AMD_Home for Christmas ( frame); pink alpha recolored from BED_Project KeepsakeJuly; black alpha from BED_Project Keepsake August; little candies on alpha from BMU_Candy_Embellishment kit. font - Little Days
  8. A-M

    Project Life 2018

    Hi Diane, I will add you to the chart. You can still be part of the yearly draw at the end of the year if you create a page about your life happenings in January.
  9. Great song words to illustrate on your lovely green ATC
  10. A-M

    What a wonderful world

    What a pretty page. That photo makes me want to lie down on that grass and watch the butterflies.
  11. A-M


    You can feel the cold just looking at your lovely double page. This is a great start to your Project Life for this year.
  12. Marilyn, I could feel the pain you felt as you typed your journaling for this lovely tribute page. You have created a beautiful page that Jody would be proud of.
  13. A-M

    Project Life 2018

    Xana, If some months you can include a photo that would be nice as everyone else uses photos as the idea of Project Life is to record our daily lives. If the scanned tickets and memorabilia are to do with what you have done that month and that is stated in your journaling, I think that would be permissible. If you still want to go ahead and take part, I will add you to the Chart which I will be updating this weekend. To be part of the yearly prize you will need to share a page about January.
  14. Carol, did you work out why it was happening before?
  15. A-M

    Project Life 2018

    I am having some fun with following the weekly prompts. So I put my layout together over the month with adding photos and journaling sometimes one day at a time. You can find JANUARY in the gallery.
  16. Credits: Template - SNU_SSPaper_85x11EditableCal-Vertical: BED_Project Keepsake2018_January: ASO_Style_LiquidMetal font - Arilon
  17. It is good the canyoning accident was not more serious. A great assortment of photos. Your pages are looking good.
  18. A-M


    You have set out a lovely Project Life page with those great memory photos.
  19. A-M

    Project Life 2018

    Carol, I just uploaded to the Project life and it worked okay for me. Are you going to the Project Life 2018 gallery first to upload or just from the gallery and choosing the correct gallery from the drop down?
  20. This is just being added to the gallery as a trial because of the issue Carol is having.
  21. This is a great card. If you do not mind I might copy this idea for a card sometime.
  22. A-M

    Today is your Day

    Geraldine, you have used Syndee's flower cluster so well on this lovely card.
  23. A-M

    Birthday Card

    This is a cute pretty card.
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