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    Project Life 2018

    Good to see you join in Shannon, I will add you to the chart.
  2. A-M


    This is a calendar page ready for next year which I do each year on another forum. I am sharing this in the gallery here as I am using SNU_SSPaper_8.5x11 Editable Calendar and I am keeping the pages simple with no added embellishments - just my own photography with the seascapes I will use for each month. The template was so easy to change the year and move the dates around.
  3. Carla, I am stumped ! I had a look through all the photos I took for the Photo a Day and I cannot seem to come with an idea for a layout at all. Maybe I need to think a little deeper ! Would it be okay if we used one of our photos and added others to it.
  4. A-M

    Time Flies 1.jpg

    What a great photo you have captured and such a fitting kit to use with it.
  5. A-M

    Project Life 2018 - Chatting Thread

    For the last couple of years I have been doing a calendar challenge on another forum and print out myself the calendar I create. Other years I have used photos of my own and photos from the web. The first year I did the Flowers of the month and last year I chose a frog theme because I do like frogs. This year I decided to use beach photos I have taken over the years and make my pages very simple without embellishments. I found a great set of templates by Syndi Nuckles which you can find in the store HERE . Now as I made my page today which you can see in the gallery HERE, it got me thinking about my Project Life pages I want to do monthly and use the weekly theme for a photo each day. If it works okay I am going to use one of the calendar templates for my pages as the photos will already be numbered with the dates and then I can do just brief bullet style journaling in the space that would normally be for the photo in the template as the photos which will be small but that is okay for what I want to achieve ( I think).
  6. A-M

    Project Life 2018

    Ngaire, good to see you back from holidays. I will add you to the chart and you name will show when I do my first update.
  7. A-M

    WW Challenge January 6th

    They look great favourite photos... just love that bird photo. Lovely page to scrap these with. Nice use of the block style with your photos and the strips underneath.
  8. A-M

    Project Life 2017 Week 51

    Where has our year gone !!! Credits: alpha from CED_Monday Morning kit used - AFT_Krafty Xmas font - Kayleigh
  9. A-M

    Project Life 2017 Week 50

    Credits: SG_Up on the Roof Top green paper from BED_Project Keepsake July (recolored) Font- Kayleigh
  10. A-M

    Project Life 2017 week 52

    The photo 24th shows my husband, my daughter, son-in-law and my four grandchildren and even my grand-puppy. The 25th is my nephew and his 6 year old son James who is very autistic so getting a cuddle is special as he does not like to be touched much by others. Credits for what I used: alpha and numbers from CED_Monday Morning; everything else from AMD_Home for Christmas; font - Kayleigh
  11. What a great challenge. I will look through my photos as I was successful at taking them all on the correct days and did not miss any. Not sure which ones I will use to create a layout but I will hopefully return soon with a layout.
  12. Carol the 12 x 12 should be 3600 x 3600 pixels and the 8 x 8 should be 2400 x 2400 pixels. Now is your concern with opening a new blank file? you should be able to make it 12 x 12 inches and make sure the resolution is 300. If this is not the issue you may need to explain a little more.
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    This is very pretty. I like your colour choices.
  14. A-M

    Project Life 2018

    Great to have you join us Angie. I will add you to the chart and you will see your name there the next time I update it.
  15. A-M

    Project Life 2018 - Chatting Thread

    I have not fully decided on what template to possibly use but I am doing my pages monthly and trying to roughly follow the weekly photo prompts I shared so this week I have been taking photos of food. So you will not see any pages from me until the start of February. Unless I change to fortnightly pages which is a thought.....
  16. A-M

    Hi from NY

    Welcome Jenn I hope you settle in and enjoy being here. The challenges here are a lot of fun and inspiration for getting those memory pages created.
  17. A-M

    New Product 1/5/18

    All those templates do look very tempting to purchase. If anyone does not already have templates in their stash... it might be handy to purchase some of these new ones as they are at a special price for now. ( this is sort of a hint for an upcoming challenge I will be hosting )
  18. A-M

    Project Life 2018 - Chatting Thread

    Jane , that is a good tip. I still do not know what template or templates I will use. I am waiting to see what new ones appear in the shop.
  19. A-M

    Snow Goose ATC

    What a lovely white ATC for our swap. Nice quote you have used.
  20. A-M

    First Word

    back to the game..... soft
  21. A-M

    First Word

    I grew up calling them " Bon Bons". We had them this year at my daughters - she made hers and then on Christmas day at my sister's she had bought ones.
  22. Project Life participants, I have added the tracking chart to the start of the thread HERE.

    Please let me know if your name is not there and it should be. 

  23. A-M

    Project Life 2018

    Pat, I have added you to the chart and will soon share the chart with all the names.
  24. A-M

    Project Life, week 52, 2017

    Congratulations on finishing the year. You have created a lovely page with so many photos. It looks great.