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    Nuage, soon 8 years

    This is a lovely page for the challenge. That is a nice photo of Nuage. It looks like he is smoking a cigar. I just looked up the translation of your cats name and it says "cloud". Is that correct? It is a nice name.
  2. Project Life Participators -  for anyone thinking ahead and following the photo prompts I have shared February's list HERE

    The tally chart will be updated early next week. 

    1. Mikelle


      Thank you for sharing it a little early.  I leave on a work trip early Sunday morning, so Saturday I'll print out the PAD list to take with me.

  3. A-M

    Project Life 2018

    February is getting close so I thought I would share the themes for anyone following along with the daily or weekly themes for photos. Remember this is not compulsory for the challenge. I will share an updated chart early next week to give people the opportunity to get their January monthly pages finished ( this includes me). With the bottom chart for the yearly prize, your layout needs to be about that month - January for January's smiley etc... Here is the themes for February: To create this page I used Make Your Own Calendar 2018 by Florju Designs and the background paper is from Water Color Paper by Florju Designs
  4. Your lovely page has a real woodsy look about it. Looks a nice place for a walk.
  5. A-M

    Fleeting Summer

    This is STUNNING ! so special.
  6. Linda, it is nice to see you here again. I did not realise we can post bigger than 600 x 600 in size.
  7. A-M

    Milo-8weeks old

    This is a lovely page featuring your cute puppy. Those paw prints do look good.
  8. A-M

    Hi all!

    to Scrap Girls, Daisy. Do not hesitate to ask for any help you may need. HERE is a link to some tutorials about the forum and gallery you might find helpful.
  9. Leslie Ann, within your software you know you can alter the colours of paper and elements. A good way it to use a color overlay within the style layering - click on the little fx .. choose color overlay... it comes up red and you just click on the red rectangle and choose another colour and then alter the blending modes which you should see in the box that pops up. I would suggest over a gold item to put a pink color overly and possibly for the blending use overlay or softlight. Depending on the dept the pink needs to give the effect of rose gold.
  10. I agree with Aggie, your journaling is very readable on the layout. It is always sad to say goodbye to a good worker in the Church. That dog is cute. Lovely Project Life page.
  11. A-M

    1st Week of 2018

    Susie's journal is a great way to record your week. The banner and arrow make good additions. Thankyou for taking part in Project Life.
  12. Sue, how lovely to read about your walking and Fred riding the bike. This is a lovely page to share with us and to document what you do. You have included some great photos of where you walk.
  13. This is lovely. Such nice colours used to go with the photo. thankyou for taking part in this challenge.
  14. Thankyou for sharing the journaling. You have had an interesting week. With the free smiley that Angie gave everyone you now have you maximum of 4 ready for the quarterly draw.
  15. A-M

    Jan-14-20...Week 3

    Nicely set out page. Looks like you make good use of your Flip Pal. I have one but have hardly used it... must dust it off and see if it still works. Because of the free smiley Angie gave everyone you now have the maximum of 4 ready for the quarterly draw.
  16. A-M

    2018 Week 4

    Great assortment of photos. Is that washer red? That is my favourite colour. I think you are having fun taking all these different photos. Thankyou for sharing your double page with us.
  17. A-M


    Great name for a cat and a lovely page to share that photo of him. I like the stitched border you have used. Thankyou for sharing the journaling with us.
  18. A-M

    Week 4

    A week of shoe photos looks great on your double page with such good colour choices for your papers. You are doing well to have completed four layouts for the month.
  19. A-M

    Talking Photos

    This is a lovely wintery page for your final one for the month. What fun journaling you have . You now have the 4 smileys for January ready for the quarterly draw.
  20. A-M

    Isla on scooter

    Your layout turned out GREAT! I like the title with the bow and the gem. Very pretty page for a sweet little girl.
  21. Sue, this is lovely and a great "selfie" photo there with Fred and your friends. This is a lovely page with a nice flower cluster. You are doing well with Project Life and now have 4 smileys for the Quarterly draw. I will update the chart next week.
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