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  1. I look forward to seeing your monthly double. I am working on my monthly as the month progresses - adding photos and journaling as it happens. This way I hope to get the page finished quickly. Just so you know with the monthly pages... if it is January's page you will get the smiley for January in the yearly chart.
  2. What a great page. You have worded your journaling so well to tell the story behind all the photos. It must not be easy to have to wear special boot and then your nice shoes getting wrecked would be disappointing.
  3. A-M

    2018 Week 3

    A very interesting week of photos. That is a unique night light. When I first saw your double page I wondered what it was so I increased the size of the web page to be able to read your journaling to find out what it was.
  4. A-M


    This looks great. I enjoy using my pressure cooker. Your nearly got the link correct in the forum but you linked to the whole Project Life gallery and not to just your layout.
  5. Yes, I have created stationery. I used to do it for my mother when she was alive as she used to write lots of letters so I used to create nice pretty images along the top of the page and also add the lines to make it easier for her to write. They were A5 size which is roughly half a 8.5 x 11inch page.
  6. Looks like you had fun creating this lovely ATC. I like the recoloring of the bees... very effective.
  7. A-M

    Life is good

    This is a pretty pastel kit and I like how you have used it for your lovely page featuring those fun looking nails.
  8. Project Life participators... I have updated the tracking and there are lots of smiley faces appearing on it. You can see it  HERE

    Please let me know if I have missed anyone. 

    1. Mikelle


      Thank you, Anne-Marie!  This is a big job, especially for the entire year!

    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      So nice to see all those smiles! :) Thank you, Anne-Marie for keeping the chart and for keeping us motivated.

    3. CRS


      I can't wait to add my LOs to the gallery...but on the other hand January is flying by fast enough!

  9. Marilyn, I am copying part of Mikelle info here: Go to my profile, click on Albums, then click on See My Activity, and the list of links on the left toward the bottom is "Images". Click on that, and it brings up your entire gallery, including LO's posted in the challenges. Now copy the web address. Then go to your account settings then Signature... I added mine below all the blinkies ... type the words "My Gallery" and highlight that, then click on the little "chain link" and the popup box should show for you to paste in the web address of your gallery.. click on "insert into post" and then click on "save"
  10. I had another reply today even though I had shared the problem was solved when we realised it was the created shadow style from a designer. Here is the new reply which explains it better: The issue has to do with whether Global Light is on or off in the Layer Style. Something that unfortunately cannot be turned on/off since version photoshop elements 5. The Drop Shadow Layer Styles in the Effects>Styles panel have Global Light always turned off The Drop Shadow Layer Style you get from going to Layer>Layer Style>Style Settings always has Global light on.
  11. The other day I did ask in the Adobe forum about PSE13 ( which Marilyn uses) concerning the issue with shadows and I did get a reply: Tell her to select the object that is to have the drop shadow and place it on a separate layer (CTRL+J). Then, apply the drop shadow to this layer, and refine it via the Style settings dialog.
  12. Mikelle, I like your reasoning behind the link to your gallery so I have followed your idea and added a link to mine which I hope works.
  13. A-M


    I have just been admiring your beautiful pages. I plan on highlighting one for a challenge I am hosting next week.
  14. A-M


    This caught my eye... I do enjoy flower themed pages and I think I might be highlighting this lovely page next for a challenge I am hosting.
  15. A-M


    Great choice of background paper as it makes it all feel colder. I enjoyed your journaling.
  16. If you have set up your own albums you can click on the arrow up the top of the forum beside your username and then click profile and then albums. Also, I need to apologise that you are not required to link your image to the other main thread as I thought. I am so used to everyone just doing that automatically. But your layout does need to be in the Project Life 2018 gallery.
  17. Too many nice new products to just choose one as my favourite !!! I do like Syndee's Happy Dance Alpha which is going straight into my wish list.
  18. This is a pretty page. I like the lavender flower ( must see which kit that came from)
  19. As it is a busy overlay I personally think the best way is to resize to 8 x 8 and then place that onto your 11 x 8 canvas and stretch it out or down . It will distort the words some but it might still look okay. Or... resize to 11 x 11 and then squeeze it up to be 8 inches. I am not sure if you are doing landscape or portrait for your layouts.
  20. Lou Ann, Here is a quote from someone on the Adobe forum that may be helpful: " I think the list of max recently edited files is 100 - when you will reach 100 edited files, the list will stop updating... You can set the number to 100 in Preferences and you will see if you already reached 100 files... " Now I will share the link to the actual discussion so you can read through it and see if it helps. https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2222621
  21. Sue you need to only link to each Project Life layout as you add them to the gallery. Not a link to your whole gallery.
  22. A-M


    This is a great looking page of a handsome young man. If you want to use this for Project Life following the instructions given for the challenge you need to link this page to the forum thread for the challenge. You can find the thread in the forum HERE
  23. Sue I have not updated the list yet this week. On my copy I do have your name. I am not sure what you mean by "text box" . If you look here is explains how to link from the gallery if that is what you are asking about.
  24. That does not sound right. when you click on "file" can you see the option to choose Open Recently Edited File ? If you just click on the arrow beside the large "Open" does it show the list of recent files?
  25. Reading through all the information since I last posted... the outcome is that both Designers... Sarah and Syndee when they created their styles which they would have done in the full version of Photoshop - one of the CS ones, their settings must have been somehow to have all the shadows to work in the same direction once applied on different layers. You cannot create and save styles in PSE. I created my own set of styles in CS6 and it works well in my PSE15 I have on my computer and does not alter if I want one item to have shadows at 45 degrees and another at 120 degrees. Marilyn, the shadow styles in the program are not that great to use for scrapbooking but you could play around with them and alter the colour of the shadow and the size but then you cannot save it for next time.
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