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    Sneak Peek 12/15

    There looks like way too many nice things being added to the shop !!! Isabella, I do like the shade of blue you have used in your new collection.
  2. A-M

    ABCs of GIRLS names!

    Una ( one of my first cousin's name)
  3. A-M

    First Word

  4. A-M


    That is a nice background choice for your page. I enjoyed your journaling. I may need to get myself some doll clothes patterns as we are giving Jasmine a big doll for Christmas which I hope she likes. When I asked her what she would like Poppa and I to give her for Christmas she said " a doll".
  5. A-M

    Project Life 2017

    Finally completely caught up... Week 49
  6. A-M

    Family Wishes

    This is a very pretty page.
  7. This sure does look like a Tea Towel from some years ago. I still have a tea towel I embroidered on when I was a teenager but it is not used as it should... it is used to cover my Presssure Cooker in the cupboard.
  8. A-M

    2017 Christmas Card

    What a lovely photo of your sons. This is a lovely Christmas Card. I hope you and your loved ones do have Blessed Christmas.
  9. I have Six White Boomers ( well it is an Aussie thing).
  10. Day 11 - Bells I do not have any bells among my Christmas decorations so I was wondering what could I photograph ? then I remembered I used to own a pair of bell earrings and was not sure if I still had them so I had a look and yes, I still have them. The metal is starting to be a little tarnished.
  11. A-M

    PL17 November

    This is a lovely page. I can see that you are a paper scrapper? Do you get together regularly? I miss my monthly card making days with my friends back where we used to live.
  12. A-M

    Converting PSDs to TIFFs

    Marilyn, TIFF files are just like PSD files - they are all in layers. There would be no disadvantage to converting but it would be time consuming if you have a lot of templates. Also Marilyn if you are creating a layout in your PSE and you go to "save as" you should see TIFF as a format that you can save your layout in. From what I have found on the internet: TIFF was the format for programs that could not use PSD which is a product of Adobe. (Someone else with lots of computer knowledge may come along and explain fully the differences) I just looked in my folder of zipped downloads for a template I have downloaded this month. The PSD file size is.... 83.9 mb The TIFF file size is.... 68.1 mb This is why some people who want to save room on their computers only keep the TIFF files which is what I have started to do. As you create your layouts you could save in TIFF format to save space on your computer if you are going to keep the layered file. ( this is something I should start to think about as I have so many PSD files from past layouts that I really do not need to keep. Each year I move my year of PSD layouts onto a EHD. Maybe I need to decide if I ever really need to go back and redo the layout as it all is just taking up lots of space on my EHDs).
  13. A-M

    Converting PSDs to TIFFs

    Carol, I have started to keep the TIFF files for templates when designers include them instead of the PSDs. TIFFs are most times smaller sized files than PSDs.
  14. A-M

    At the Farm

    What a lovely page you have created for this challenge. I am not sure if we have Christmas tree farms here in Australia but it would be fun to visit one to pick out a tree. I remember one time during my childhood we had a real tree.
  15. A-M

    Campbell Christmas card 2017

    What a lovely family photo and a lovely Christmas card. Happy Christmas to you Tasanee and your family.
  16. PAD>>>Thank you Angie for starting a new thread for our Photo A Day. Which everyone can find HERE

  17. Day 10 - Giving This morning in Church I took a photo of the Children GIVING their Christmas performance.
  18. A-M

    Project Life 2017

    Nearly caught up... Week 48
  19. A-M

    Wk 45

    I must have a look for the templates you are using as I want to use templates next year. Your dolls clothes and the knitted doll look good.
  20. A-M


    Some interesting photos. Great photos of the tree.
  21. A-M

    New to Snow Globes

    Granny Scrapper, do you have the clear globe layer as your top layer or possibly second from top? I do not have this product but I would guess that you may need to have the base of the globe as your top layer. You need to add all the different layers for the style of globe you want on separate layers in your PSE so you can move them into correct position. You possibly could use "Place" to add each PNG file and it may place them into the right position. What is it all looking like when you try to put one together?