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    Bushfires 2019

    Yes, Diane, I know all about the fires. I have a lady I know who lost her home. And others who lost farm land. You page is well created.
  2. A-M

    Holiday BINGO

    Still only..... 2
  3. A-M

    Holiday BINGO

    I have now crossed off...... 2 Someone will possibly win while I am out today.
  4. A-M

    Christmas song

    This is a favourite song of mine. You have created a lovely page to share this song.
  5. How clever of you Marilyn, to create a set of stamps. They look good ... cute images you have used.
  6. A-M

    Holiday BINGO

    @Jane in N.Z I am keeping up with you.... ONE !
  7. A-M

    Holiday BINGO

    @Jane in N.Z I am with you..... 0
  8. A-M

    Weekly and Forum Game Winners December 2nd

    Wow! how exciting to be a winner with our Slow Scrap last month. This has come at a good time as I can see there are some new things coming to the store that I might just need to purchase and now I might be able to, with my $10 helping. Our weak Aussie dollar sure is making it difficult to buy much these days. Congratulations to all the other winners that April has announced.
  9. A-M

    Holiday BINGO

    Looks we are all starting well.... 0 for me
  10. This is a lovely page and thankyou for sharing about Jody introducing you to the song and also for sharing her page with us. Cute embellishments in that kit you used.
  11. A-M

    Holiday BINGO

    Red Candles Family Angel Nativity Scene
  12. A-M

    # 3 favourite movie

    I also enjoy that movie and watched it recently. I do like Jude Law's acting. This is a lovely page. A very nice corner cluster you have created.
  13. A-M

    December to Remember Week 1

    Great bird photo. This is a lovely page. I like the red splatter on the background.
  14. A-M

    #24_Tis the season

    Great blending o f the photo and wow! what a catch! Those added seagulls look good.
  15. A-M

    Feeding Elmo

    This is so sweet. Great arrangement of your photos. This brought back memories because Elmo was a favourite of my daughter's.
  16. Jane, you can find the gallery HERE
  17. A-M

    December ATC

    Jane, very cleverly created ATC. It looks great!
  18. A-M

    December ATC Swap

    Sounds like a fun ATC to create.... off to see if I have a postage stamp frame in my stash.
  19. With the December to Remember, am I correct in saying there will be no monthly Challenges or Challenge Chase?

    1. angleigh


      There will be Tue and Weekend challenges.  We will award prizes as usual from them.  And anyone that completes all 7 will be in a drawing for $20.   But there will not be Challenge Chasers because of all the other prizes and games through the month.

  20. I'll give this a try... not sure how I will go at the end of the month as I will be away. Week 1 (1-8th) Week 2 (9-15th) Week 3 (16-22nd) Week 4 (23rd – 29th) Week 5 (30-31st)
  21. This is what the journaling says in case you cannot read it: Our tradition when we go on holidays to a beach-side town on the first night we eat fish and chips by the beach. When we cancelled our holiday November 2019 because of the bush fires on the night that we should have been in Forster we drove to Woodburn and bought fish and chips to eat by the man-made beach. Credits: papers - BMU_Coastal Embellishment and frames - FLO_End of Summer Brushes: SRO_Halftone - boat and sun: SNU_A Whale Time font - Hoffman Hand
  22. A-M

    11/30/2019 Weekend Wildcard Challenge

    I think some photos I took of my grandson at his Birthday party may work well for this challenge.
  23. A-M

    Noc Slow Scrap -Week 4

    This turned out a great page. I like the blended photo on the notebook. I enjoy seeing your scenery photos of your lovely country as I will never see it in the real.
  24. A-M

    Slow Scrap_LO #4_

    What a fun photo. I like how you used that round brush and the arrow to draw our attention to the netted face. Great shadowing on all your embellishments.
  25. A-M

    Nov Slow Scrap LO 4

    This page turned out great. I like how you stitched down the tag with the place and date.