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  1. Oh Jane! She is adorable. I do like her name as that was my Grandmother's name and my favourite Aunt's name. Congratulations to the parents and the grandparents. This is such a sweet baby page.
  2. Congratulations to the winners.
  3. Looks like a lot of fun. If I am not back at my volunteer work next week I may be able to attend the Mess or Masterpiece chat.
  4. Great scripture you have shared on this lovely page.
  5. This is not a page for any other site. I am trying to make use of my huge stash for my Project Life pages and I wanted a cute frog for this page and non of my Scrap Girls kits had one. For credits please see EXIF
  6. Lately I have been taking all sorts of photos.... greeting cards I have been making, jigsaws I have been doing ( onto my 4th one since 30th March), cooking, in yard where Ken is constructing a dry creek bed and waterfall feature. But once I read this challenge I went outside to take a photo of the raindrops on one of the roses because we had rain last night but I spotted a little visitor on the Blue Moon Rose. I am pleased how the photo turned out with my little camera. It is a very tiny spider and so interesting to see how they have the same intricate markings like larger spiders do. Then when we had morning tea down in Ken's Folly ( small pavilion) I spotted this insect and I am not sure if it is a butterfly or not? so..... Nature Photography
  7. Everything by Connie Prince: word nature from Nature Walk papers from Sweet Solitude Flower from My Girl leaves from Paint Chip Candy Apple Stitches from January 2020 Font - Note This
  8. Great words on a lovely ATC.
  9. Thank you @Jane in N.Z for sharing this with us. Laughter is good for us.
  10. I am like Jane and really only use Jifs for challenges. This one I found in my stash was a layered PSD one so I enjoyed using it for.... Tamborine Mountain
  11. Credits: BMU_JIFAlbum_Menageria Fonts - Arial and Cheyenne Hand This was a PSD Jif so I removed a couple of things and added two more butterflies
  12. Great quote on a very nicely created ATC. That is a lovely key and padlock embellishment you have used.
  13. I should have added to the journaling that Bronwen made and iced the cake.... Celebrate with Cake
  14. Credits: Template - SNU_SSDLT_Painted Dream_Dance : kit with some recolouring: DRB_Birthday Party : Font - Kayleigh
  15. Sounds like a great challenge as I took a photo of a cake just the other day so I hopefully will return sometime with a page to share.
  16. You have created a great page to document what is going on in our world.
  17. A-M

    After Covid travel

    Thankyou Andrea for the laugh. @Jane in N.Z I think you might be correct as people will be hesitant to travel - especially on cruise ships!
  18. A-M


    Please see EXIF for credits
  19. @ladyscrapalot Congratulations Kelly What a lovely surprise for me to see a page of mine here. Thankyou April @April Showers
  20. Thankyou Marilyn for this challenge as it inspired me to scrap a photo I had not scrapped before. Lizard
  21. For credits please see EXIF
  22. This would have been a very interesting art exhibit to see. Marilyn, you page is great. I like the small photos along the bottom. Just the other weekend I took a book I had in my bookcase that really belonged to Ruth so the children could now own it and enjoy it..... Animalia. I just love the artwork in that book and the fun at seeing all the different things for each letter of the alphabet.
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