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  1. Welcome Cheri.

    If you do not own software for scrapbooking and have limited funds I know of others who successfully use Gimp which is a free program. The website is HERE

    Also if you happen to have Publisher on your computer I know of some who use it for scrapbook pages.

  2. I am enjoying scrapping photos from a recent little holiday my husband and I took last month.  I think my photo shows that this area of Australia is in Drought

    This area is west of mountain ranges to the west of where we live. We had some rain earlier in winter but they have had none. Where we live it is called a green drought... everything is fairly green but the grounds are showing cracks.

  3. Celestine, I agree with Marilyn. It  might look more appealing to just have the journaling on the background - remove the frames and embellishments. That pretty butterfly might sit nicely on the P in peonies.  Also as Marilyn mentioned.. the journaling on a slant to match the photos.

    Do you know the trick to make journaling on a busy background stand out more?..... add a layer below the journaling .. pick a dominant color from the background paper - choose a soft brush with about 30% opacity and brush on the new blank layer below the journaling until you can see the text stand out more. Do not add too much brushing or it will affect the look of the background paper.   Hopefully my instructions here make sense if you have not done this before.