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  1. Can you swim?

    Yes, but not very well as I never learnt properly at school. I prefer to only swim where my feet can touch the bottom.

    Do you play an instrument?

    No. I did try to learn to play a keyboard but as I was no good at reading music I gave up. There were not musical people in my parents or siblings.

    What is your least favorite household chore?

    Ironing.... I found it boring but to overcome that I usually do it while I watch the football on TV with my husband.

    Have you ever riden on a motorcycle?

    I think one time I rode along with someone on a motorcycle - seated behind them.


    Next Questions:

    Are you an early riser in winter time?

    What is your favourite season?

    Where is your next vacation destination?

    What was your favourite childhood vacation?

  2. I just had a look at the Tutorial.  Syndee may come in and correct me... .but... .I think the only way you can achieve something the same is to open your photo in edit and play around with a layer mask and brush or even use a purchased mask to clip your photo to.   HERE is some tutorials but you should be able to find more on the internet. 

    The "Guided Edit" is only available in  the newer versions of PSE. 

  3. Welcome back Doris to the land of Digi. I hope you enjoy being here at Scrap Girls. Make sure you look at the different challenges happening all the time to give you incentive to get those memories scrapped.

    With your software... do not hesitate to ask for any help you may need as I am sure there are others here using PSE 2019 or at least the one before it.