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  1. Great photos and the style on your paper is subtle but still looks good.
  2. Another week completed.... Week 27
  3. Credits: BED_Project Keepsake July; alpha ( week 27) from CED_Monday Morning; font - Kayleigh
  4. Trying to catch up again... Week 26
  5. I used things from this month's Scrap Simple Club: GWH_SSPaper_Pep Talk heart and flower : GWH_SSEmb_Pep Talk alpha from CED_Monday Morning SNU_Style_Cardstock Font - Kayleigh
  6. Congratulations to the winners.
  7. Wow! so many new great looking goodies to tempt us.
  8. I print out my Project Life pages and put in albums. I am in the process of creating pages to have printed professionally into an album about the major vacations I have had. I would like to also eventually put together an album for printing about my growing up years. But presently most of my pages are just on my computer and EHDs.
  9. Interesting photo and I enjoyed your journaling.
  10. I do agree... those papers do look rather nice !
  11. This is a stunning heritage page. I like your choice of font for the journaling.
  12. What a great older photo you have used. That postcard behind the photo is very effective for this page.
  13. I am a couple of weeks behind so I hope to get caught up now before it all gets too much for me. Week 25
  14. Credits: SRO_Grandmas Garden; alpha from CED_Monday Morning; Font - Amienne
  15. Congratulations to all the winners.