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  1. Very cleverly created page. I like the words you included. Thankyou for taking part in the White Space Challenge.
  2. Wow! You create such stunning White Space pages. Thankyou for taking part in the challenge with such a special page. That pocket looks great on this along with those tiny hearts.
  3. I did not expect you back in the forum until I was snug in bed... you must be up early. Your page is lovely and there no White Space police here to say you should shrink your photo more.
  4. Thankyou Marilyn for taking part in the White Space challenge. Your photo is so pretty and I like the effect of your framing. I would love to see that snow (not for too long though as I do enjoy my summer climate). What we can do with our software to alter photos is a lot of fun. I think it is PSE15 you can alter smiles on faces.
  5. Morning Has Broken ..... Cat Stevens
  6. I am so enjoying seeing all your fun photos. I do like the Bible Verse you have shared on this.
  7. Very nice arrangement of photos. Looks like you had an interesting week. Nice use of minimal embellishments.
  8. Andrea... what a beautiful double page you have created. I know the photos do not all feature something beautiful. I hope this last surgery has been successful for you.
  9. Geraldine, I did highlight your lovely page in the Tuesday 23rd January challenge which you can find HERE
  10. I have highlighted this great White Space page in the Tuesday 23rd January challenge which you can find HERE
  11. I have highlighted this lovely page in the Tuesday 23rd challenge which you can find HERE
  12. Here is my page for this challenge... Julia with Sienna
  13. This is my brother's wife with her second grandchild born last year. I do not have dates for the photo as my brother did not give that information when he emailed me the photo. Credits: MRE_Warmth ( this month's Club ) JZI_SSPaper_Scribble Scrabble ( this month's Scrap Simple Club ) JZI_Brush_PhotoFinish Font - Jenna Sue
  14. For your challenge this week, I personally found it a challenge to create my own page to share. Now I have possibly got you all thinking what possibly could this challenge be.... This week's challenge is the style of scrapbooking we call White Space. White space is all about leaving empty area around your photo, it makes you pay closer attention to that ONE photo. This style of scrapbook layout is great for that ONE very special outstanding photo you want to scrap. The challenge today is to create a layout using white space (please remember that does not mean the paper has to be white). White space does not refer to colour. The most effective background paper is a neutral colour which can have texture. If you use a patterned paper it needs to be very lightly patterned. Highly patterned papers do not work well with White Space as they draw your attention away from the photo. It is best to keep your use of embellishments to minimal or once again you may draw attention away from that one special photo. Placing a very small cluster or brush and paint splatter on an opposite corner or side to your photo can work well. Keep in mind that the purpose of White Space is to focus on that one special photo. The challenge for me personally was that I kept wanting to make my photo and embellishments larger to fill the page more. I had a good look through the gallery and want to share 3 out of many lovely White Space type pages there are. Dady ( Geraldine) is one digi artist whose gallery is full of lovely white space pages and you can find her gallery HERE But here is one I want to share: to see a large view go HERE I found a lovely example in one of our Designer's Gallery - Caroline B but it was not created by Caroline. It was created by a member of her CT: to see a larger view go HERE I found another great example in the gallery of silvia: to see a larger view go HERE When you have created your own White Space layout please share it in the gallery HERE Then come back to this thread and let us know so we can admire what you have created.