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  1. Week 37
  2. For credits please see EXIF
  3. Your photos are great. I have never seen a real squirrel. I like your addition of the little speech bubble saying hello to us!
  4. Deb, if they a really good price they might be good to own as there would possibly be things in Linda's teaching that was not on Ro's ones.
  5. Thankyou for taking the time to explain to us the reason behind your asking us for our thoughts. I like both styles but because I was first a real paper Scrapbooker I most times prefer the Traditional form of 2D.
  6. I just did some searching with Mr Google and found this : https://www.teachucomp.com/duplicate-a-layer-in-photoshop-elements-instructions/ I just tried this with a photo in my PSE15 - drag the photo onto the little turned up corner paper logo - top of layers panel on left side. It should be in the same place as in your program. I might use this method more often now as that is even quicker than my Ctrl+J Something I thought of... you are working in "expert" mode?
  7. Getting caught up... Week 36
  8. For credits please see EXIF
  9. I have fallen behind a little again so once again trying to catch up.... Week 35
  10. Credits: please see EXIF
  11. I have always found archaeology about the pyramids interesting. Great page to share your wish to see Egypt.
  12. Are those lavender bushes in your photo? Great use of the mask and nice placement of your minimal embellishments.
  13. Once you have your photo duplicated all you need to do is activate ( click on ) the original photo (not the one now saying "copy" ) in the layers panel and hit "delete" on your keyboard. Then you will not accidentally save on top of your original photo.
  14. If your computer is windows... you can just hit ctrl+j for mac computer.... command+j or you can right click and choose duplicate layer or you can click on the little lines beside the trash can to the upper right and choose duplicate layer
  15. Great challenge Marilyn.