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  1. 4th for this month - Monthly Challenge #2 - Shape
  2. #2 - Shape - Fungi at Crows Nest Falls
  3. I was surprised to see this fungi as this was not a rainforest area. Credits: mushroom shape from the kit I used: Pixie Dust by Connie Prince; mask for green paper - AFT_Eroded Books; yellow flow
  4. Wow! what a cleverly created page. Great photo. Nice choice in your embellishments and title.
  5. 3rd for the month.... Weekend Wildcard One Word
  6. Just the right challenge to create another page of the rooms in our new little home... BATHROOM
  7. This is my bathroom and laundry combined in our new little home. Credits: CAP_Paint Chips Alexandrite; CAP_Paint Chips Hot Purple; Fonts - 28 Days later and Chocolate Spaghetti
  8. Wow what a clever shape for the photo which well and truly tells the story. Lovely page and the tooth fairy is a great addition to the page.
  9. Your pages always stand out in the gallery - you are very talented and I do like the shape you chose for your photos. I do not think I would be capable of walking a bridge like that one. All your photo blending for the background looks so good.
  10. That is a very interesting template you used. the words in a circle is very effective.
  11. 2nd for the month - #1 Monthly - Fun in the Pool
  12. #1 Water ..... Fun in the Pool
  13. I have been digging through all kits - Smooth Seas by Connie Prince template which had the designer name: CrisdamD Font - Begonia
  14. I am very happy! Today an EHD saved from our flooded home is working  as previously it would not work. It has some older digi products with lots of Scrap Girls items.  

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    2. CRS


      That's great news!

    3. Boatlady


      Wonderful news for you-finally. So happy for you.

    4. scrapgarden


      Wonderful! Maybe it just had to dry out for a while.

  15. This sounds good. Lots of good illustrations on your recipe card.
  16. I do enjoy seeing your bird photos. The rustic frame looks good and nice cluster work.
  17. Here is a favourite one pot meal of mine.... Arroz Con Pollo
  18. I found the photo and recipe on the internet. It is very similar to a recipe I had and enjoyed cooking. ( lost with all my other recipes when our home was flooded). Credits: Tomato and check paper from My Summer Garden by Trixie Scraps; cooking pot from Home Cookin by Connie Prince white paper from CAP_Paint Chips Candy Andy Font - Poor Richard
  19. A-M

    Lo Mein

    I like Beef Chow Mein so this sounds a good recipe. The Asian styled stamp you used adds well to your great recipe card.
  20. A-M

    My Kitchen

    This page is not for any challenges. I wanted to start creating some pages with the photos I have taken of our new little home. Journaling reads: Photos taken on 10th July 2022 of the kitchen area of our new little home. The curtains at the time were temporary waiting for blinds to be installed. Credits: City Life by Connie Prince fonts - 28 Days Later and Chocolate Spaghetti
  21. I do enjoy seeing waterfalls. Great photo and such a lovely page you have created. That flowery branch coming around the page is so very effective.
  22. All those paper strips look good and such a sweet fun photo.
  23. Your use of all those pretty floral papers looks good. Very nice photo you took.
  24. 1st for month : #4 monthly challenge - stitched embellishment
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