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    Project Life 2018

    SG Project Life is a year-long scrapping challenge. The goal is to stay current scrapping the year. There is no set form, you can take daily photos, scrap weekly layouts, monthly layouts or whatever works for you. SG Project Life is similar to a Project 52 or 365 which are yearlong challenges of creating 52 weekly layouts (one for each week of the year) or taking 365 photos (a photo a day) and documenting them. We don't want to overwhelm anyone with daunting requirements so we simply give you the challenge to document your year then let you approach this project in a way that meets your individual goals. Here are some typical formats our members have chosen in the past: One layout for each week of the year (single or double pages) A double page layout covering two weeks One layout (single or double paged) per month A monthly calendar style layout with or without a companion page. Scrap the significant events from each month-- some months with more pages than others. Use "Pocket Life" products to document your year. You can choose one of these formats or create your own. The way you go about it is really up to you; however, we do have a few requirements if you wish to participate in the "official" SG Project Life 2018 Challenge and be eligible for the associated prizes. Requirements: You must post your layouts to the Project Life 2018 Gallery which you can find HERE , in order for them to earn points toward the quarterly drawings. If you can please link your layout back so we do not miss seeing and commenting on your Project Life pages. If you are new here you can find some great tutorials which will help with uploading to the gallery and placing a link in this thread which you will need to do so you can have your layout marked off on the chart. The tutorials can be found HERE Your photos must be from the current year. In order to receive the participation prize you will need to post 12 layouts (one for each month of 2018) in the gallery. If you are a hybrid or traditional scrapper, you are welcome to join the challenge too. Simply post photos or scans of your finished pages. Prizes: Quarterly Drawing Prize - Digital Layout Template Set to the value of $3.99 Winners will be randomly drawn from members who post layouts to the SG Project Life Gallery. Each layout uploaded to this Gallery earns 1 point; a double page earns 2, with a maximum number of points for a month being 4. You may upload more than 4 layouts if you are catching up, but you will only get 4 points for that month. Each person who completes layouts for the entire year of 2018 (at least one layout for each month of 2018) will go into a draw for one person to win a $25 Gift Certificate and the remaining ones who completed the year will all receive a $10 Gift Certificate. I will be sharing a list of daily photos at the start of each month for incentive. This will not be for sharing photos in this thread. When you share any links to the gallery here it must be for your Project Life pages. I will also share a theme for each week which can be fun. In the following post I will share the tally sheet for those who take part in this challenge so you can all know if you have completed the maximum of four per month. Anyone is welcome to join in on this challenge anytime during the year. This thread is solely for signing up for the challenge and then for sharing links to your layouts during the year. For chatting and asking questions please pop over to the chatting thread HERE So, who’s joining me?
  2. A-M

    2018 cookie swap_cheese star biscuits

    These sound good. I might just make these this week, so thankyou. Another lovey recipe card.
  3. A-M

    2018 cookie swap__snowball creams

    These sound very tempting.... !!! Lovely recipe card you have created.
  4. A-M

    Week 33

    You have created a pretty page to share your happenings for this week in August.
  5. A-M

    Dec 15 Weekend Challenge - Gift Tags

    Thankyou for taking part in my challenge. You have created lovely tags and thankyou for showing one of them attached to a gift.
  6. Marilyn, these are lovely bright tags. Thankyou for taking part in my challenges.
  7. Credits: Turkey Mistletoe by Chere Kaye
  8. It is that time of year when we should be wrapping up our Christmas Gifts. For my challenge this weekend I would like you to create Gift Tags. You can just do them completely digital or you can do them hybrid ( photograph them to share). If you would prefer not to make tags, you can make a pocket style page which incorporates Journal Cards which really are like gift tags in a sense. To make it easy also... if you prefer not to do a pocket style page... include at least one journal card on your page. If you do not celebrate Christmas please still join in on the challenge and maybe create tags for Birthday Gifts or a Pocket Style page in any theme. Please share your pages in the gallery HERE and return to this thread with a link to the gallery so we can all admire what you have created. Also please remember: Every Tuesday and Saturday, a new challenge will be posted in our Forum. Everyone who participates in that challenge will have a chance to win a $5 gift certificate (GC); participate in all six challenges throughout December and post by 12/28 and you'll be automatically entered in the drawing for a $20 GC. Merry Christmas to YOU!
  9. A-M


    Thankyou for taking part in my challenge. This is a lovely novel idea. That gingham reindeer looks good.
  10. A-M

    weekend wildcard_gift tags

    Wow! Jane you were quick at creating these lovely tags. I do hope you are going to print these out to use. Thankyou for taking part in my challenge.
  11. A-M

    PSP 9

    Allen, I use CS6 but I did a google search and found this set of instructions HERE which I thought may help you.
  12. A-M

    December Project Life 2

    Your page is so pretty. It is difficult to photograph those types of lights.
  13. A-M

    Weekend Wildcard 15th December 2018

    You can find my layout about the tags I made in the gallery HERE
  14. A-M


    Welcome Heather. I hope you decide to become active in our forum and not just cruise through the galleries.
  15. A-M

    Project Life_December 2018 #1

    Some good memories in your photos. I hope you new oven serves you well. You are doing great this year at keeping up with your Project Life pages.
  16. A-M


    I am with Marilyn... Wow! what lovely photos. You have done well to keep up with your weekly pages which I have enjoyed seeing each week.
  17. A-M

    Tues NL Challenge - Traditions

    You really did come up with a great idea for this challenge.
  18. A-M

    12/8/18 Weekend Wildcard Challenge

    Wow! what great photos Harry captured. My frost photos look nothing compared to these. You have created a lovely page to share these photos.
  19. A-M

    Christmas 1991

    What a lovely memory page. The large circle of striped paper draws the focus to those sweet photos.
  20. I do like the tradition you have highlighted. I also enjoy making biscuits (cookies) for Christmas and have the calendar marked for next Monday to start making some. This is a lovely page and I like the glitter frames and the scribble heart you have used.
  21. Credits: EBA_Silent Night Font - Papyrus
  22. A-M

    Pick a Gift Starts Tomorrow (12/11)

    Sounds like there will be fun happening in the forum tomorrow!
  23. A-M

    Good Times

    This is very pretty. I like all the pink you have used on this.
  24. A-M

    Holiday Bingo!

    Congratulations to the winners of these Bingo Games.
  25. A-M

    Dec ATC Candle - Light

    This is lovely! Great words to share and you have achieved a great effect with the light rays!