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  1. Here is a video on creating bows using a script which is possibly what you will need to buy or obtain elsewhere as they are not available in the store here at Scrap Girls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX82zEwLyxA
  2. @Belle I think the only way you can do what you want to do is to click on "follow" the page and then in the pop up box - click on " Do not send me any notifications". then to look at what you have followed you click on your user name at the top of the forum and choose "Manage Followed Content" - then over on the left you will see "Gallery" - click on "Images" and it will show all images you are following.
  3. Lots of snow photos for February. I could do with some of your snow right now.... we are having a few very hot muggy days. This is a lovely page to record your happening. I like the soft purple for the month and framing template you used.
  4. A-M

    Project Life 2021

    Here is my... February photo page
  5. Credits: black paper from SNU_SSPaper_Crazy 4 Cardstock; white paper from SRO_Blank Canvas Heart embellishment from SNU_Picturesque Cross banner from BMU_Easter Sunday Fonts - Niagara and Corky
  6. April, please add me but I am not sure if I will do any better than last month.
  7. What a very heartfelt page you have created. Great use of Connie's products from her collection.
  8. What a clever way to share this journey you are on. I hope you soon win!
  9. The large photo blended for the background is so very effective on your page. All those different arrows add a nice touch. A lovely memory page.
  10. This is a lovely card. If you changed the words, this would make a nice engagement card.
  11. @lindarobin Linda, I assume there is no theme for what card we create?
  12. Your page has turned out so well. The selective coloring of that sepia photo looks great. The pink bow is a good addition to the page to bring out the pink in the patterned paper.
  13. Your photo cut up like you have done is very effective with those hands right in that centre small section. Very nice page for the challenge.
  14. Anyone interested in posting a digitally created physical greeting card to a fellow member. Come and see what Linda is proposing for us to do... HERE

  15. Great nature photo and a fun page you have put together. I like the heart with arrow you have used as it seems to blend well with the photo.
  16. My 4th.... Newsletter9th ... Kiss
  17. Thank you Laura for this challenge. I enjoyed searching out the photos from this wedding as I was the official photographer. Derrick and Cathy
  18. Credits: Love Birds by Connie Prince Font - Dadhand
  19. All those sparkles look good with the photo. Nicely set out page.
  20. A-M

    Love This Photo

    Precious photo on such a pretty page. Lovely flower clusters and a great title.
  21. What a sweet scene you created. Looks like you had fun putting this together.
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