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  1. Our home for sale... first family to look through it happened already, today - family with three boys. It would be nice to see the house being lived in by a family again.

    1. CRS


      It's been a year since we moved and I still have mixed feelings about leaving our house. I hope it's a quick sale for you!

    2. AggieB


      Hope the sale goes quickly, Anne Marie.

    3. scrapgran


      Fingers crossed for a quick turn around.

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  2. A very strange feeling seeing a for sale sign sitting in our front yard.

    1. jode2771


      Yes I reckon it would be after all these years... but how terribly exciting!!

    2. Jo Corne

      Jo Corne

      enjoy the ride A-M.

    3. LauraYB


      I know what you mean! My best to you guys.

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  3. Real Estate Agent came and valued our home... nice surprise - exactly what we thought it was worth so all plans are go ahead now to looking into buying a home closer to where my one and only daughter lives.

    1. cyndals


      Yay! That's wonderful news, A-M!

    2. jode2771


      Yay all our positive thoughts worked!! Keeping fingers crossed someone quickly sees the value in your home and buys it so you can move on :-)

    3. healthyscraps


      That is great news. How exciting to be moving closer to your daughter. :)

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  4. A little nervous... Real Estate Agent coming this afternoon to value our home.

    1. Jo Corne

      Jo Corne

      good luck honey, hopefully the rate cut yesterday will help you lots

    2. jode2771


      Hoping you get what you want so you can buy nearer to your daughter, fingers crossed!

    3. scrapgran


      Good luck with the valuation. Hope you get what you're hoping for.

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  5. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday.

  6. I have done something to my right shoulder on Thursday when I lifted a wheelie walker out of a taxi - my voluntary work in aged care. It was sort of okay yesterday but today I am in agony if I lift my arm. So thankful I have a pen and tablet so I could do some digi today.

    1. AggieB


      Be careful with that shoulder now - you don't want to aggravate it. Hope you are better soon.

    2. LauraYB


      Give your shoulder a little TLC for a while. Hope it feels better very soon.

    3. laurielou56


      If it doesn't get better, I would go to the doctor. I had a slight dislocation once and could lift my arm to the front but not to the side. A quick pop (that hurt like the dickens!) and it was all better.

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  7. The tutorial in today's newsletter by Jan about turning your photo sepia is great. Thank you Jan

    1. DixieLee


      I am going to try this--HUGE thank you!!

    2. jode2771


      yes and I think it was her first?? Way to go Jan!

    3. Syndee


      I agree, great tutorial!!

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  8. I had fun today creating two pages for our Staycation. I did not think I would get any done.

    1. MariJ


      Yay, Anne Marie! And gorgeous layouts they are, too! :)

  9. A-M

    Patsy I had to post my message here as when I went to send the PM a message came up saying your could not receive any more messages.

  10. A-M

    Hi Patsy

    I noticed your question and thought I would send you a PM.

    I am using a record player that has recording capabilities - to record on an SD card or USB. You can also record the old cassettes as well with this player. Then I am copying them to a second USB and an EHD to make sure we hopefully never lose them. I am then going to donate the records to a local community radi...

  11. I am busy listening to The Beatles on an old LP. I am busy recording our favorite LPs unto USB and backing up on an EHD. A little bit of help with downsizing to get rid of the big pile of LPs.

    1. Marie-Christine


      with a little bit of help from your friends :)

      ie. EHD,USB :)

    2. Pab


      What program are you using to do this?

    3. April Showers

      April Showers

      Just know the LP's are worth something these days. My daughter was looking for some to decorate a 50's dance and they can be pretty pricey online.

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  12. Pat, Hope your have a wonderful Birthday.

  13. A-M

    Hope you have an extra special day for your Birthday.

  14. Hope you have a very happy day for your Birthday.

  15. A-M

    Hope you have a wonderful day for your Birthday

  16. I had a good afternoon of getting two pages scrapped... tomorrow I better get back to doing the jobs around this home to get it ready for selling later in the year.

    1. AggieB


      Sounds like you are in for a lot of work, Ann-Marie. Good luck with the sale.

    2. LauraYB


      After selling our 2 homes, best advice given to me--1) pace yourself and 2) don't be afraid to have the girls over for a 2-hr packing party. They're a great help and they boost your spirit! Best wishes for a pleasant sale/move.

  17. Happy Birthday Barbara. Hope you have a really special day.

  18. I have decided to return and be more active again as I do miss this place. I may not be over active just yet as we are preparing our home for sale in the hopes we can move closer to where my one and only daughter lives.

    1. Durin


      Nice to see you! Wishing you well on your home sale and move. :)

    2. April Showers

      April Showers

      Hi Anne Marie! Happy to see you around again. :-)I hope your move goes well.

    3. LauraYB


      Was good to see back! We missed you.

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  19. Happy Birthday... hope you have a very special day.

  20. Wow!!!! This month's Club kit.... has got me thinking I might start getting club kits again.. I just love it!!!!

    1. Elisha


      Thanks, AM. The club is a great bargain!

    2. Jeanne Lee

      Jeanne Lee

      YES, I agree, and I am glad I signed up this year!

    3. Debbie Cleek

      Debbie Cleek

      You can't go wrong with the club - it's a great deal!

  21. Just back from a little holiday to visit my daughter and her little family in their brand new home. Now about to get visitors for the weekend - so no scrapping for another couple of days.

    1. LauraYB


      How fun! Enjoy!

    2. AggieB


      Have a great time, AnneMarie. Looking forward to the blast of creativity when you get to it.

    3. cyndals
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  22. Sadly I have not been receiving any newsletters lately... is this happening to anyone else?

    1. alsoarty


      I never got one on the 29th.

    2. scrapper11


      I'll check mine when I get home


    3. KayMitch


      Mine have started going into my Spam folder I finally found out after missing them for a week or so. Not sure why. Hope you get it sorted Anne-Marie. Kay

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  23. It is the last day of the year here Down Under so I am popping in to say... Happy New Year to everyone here.

    1. Arizona Girl

      Arizona Girl

      Happy New year to you. Have a great last day of the year.

    2. Durin


      Happy New Year! Wishing you an amazing 2013! :)

    3. scrapper11


      Thanks Anne Marie! Wishing you & yours a Blessed 'n Happy New Year!

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  24. Hope all you in the northern hemisphere are having a great Christmas Day. Mine yesterday was a very happy day with family.

    1. AggieB


      I had a great Christmas with my family, thanks. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  25. WE are having some really hot weather. This morning sky is overcast so hopefully it will be a little cooler. I am off to the doctor today as I have done something to my thumb - cannot bend it and it hurts!

    1. AnnBK


      Amazing how useful that little digit is! Hope it's something simple and the doc gets it fixed up in a jiff.


    2. laurielou56


      Hope all went well at the docs office and you're soon on the mend.

    3. Belle


      Hope your thumb is ok. Heat wave here as well.

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