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  1. WE DID IT!!!!!

    1. jorunswithscissors


      So Anne-Marie -- do you know the TIME it happened and WHO made the 1000000 post? Just for fun~

    2. Sara Arell

      Sara Arell

      Yes, we did, we did, we did do it! Woo-Hoo Lots of fast fingers and quick thinking! Thanks for helping get the numbers to roll over, Anne-Marie!

  2. As I now head off to bed... most of you will just be waking up. Hope you all have a Happy Monday.

    1. teecee


      Good night Anne-Marie! Pleasant dreams!

    2. jorunswithscissors


      Well should I be wishing you a good morning yet? :)

    3. jorunswithscissors


      Well should I be wishing you a good morning yet? :)

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  3. Back from being away so my husband could visit a Wood Expo - it was good.

  4. I will be away for two days - heading off to another town for a Wood Expo.

    1. teecee


      Have a great time Anne-Marie!

    2. CRS


      Have Fun!

  5. Monday here Down Under.. the washing is done and hanging on the line because it is a nice sunny but cool day today.

  6. Saturday here Down Under and it is still raining for the washing from yesterday will go in the dryer.

    1. cyndals


      It was raining here in California yesterday. We needed it:)

    2. Belle


      Raining in Cape Town as well. Love it.

  7. I think I better head to bed ... it is just after 11pm

  8. Busy day today... need to go with my Aunt for a conference at the Aged Care home where my Uncle now lives and then do grocery shopping

  9. Our visitors have left and we have a really nice time together. It was my older sister and her husband.

  10. We are having visitors for lunch today so I will not be on the computer much until later today.

  11. I have just started a new game called "Favourites"

    1. April Showers

      April Showers

      It is a fun one Anne- thanks!

  12. Monday - my washing day here today. It is a nice warm autumn day.

    1. luckyladybug


      EEeeek! I'm not ready for the weekend to be over! Will you keep the sun over there for just a FEW extra hours! :)

  13. I am enjoying being motivated to exercise because of the 30 day Shredders with April

  14. Busy doing the washing and should be having breakfast instead of being here on the computer

    1. BetC


      Oh boy, can I relate!

  15. Just home from shopping... my husband bought me a new mop and bucket and vacuum cleaner .. not exciting but things I really wanted.

    1. AnnBK


      That sounds so romantic! My favorite mother's day gift was hip waders. Go figure!


    2. luckyladybug


      I got hip waders for mother's day once too! It must be an Alaska thing--Mother's day just happens to be during the King Salmon runs!

    3. AnnBK


      Yep...that's it! I was so happy! And caught a lot of salmon in those waders!


  16. Had a really nice day with my cardmaking friends. Now tonight I want to get some digi done.

  17. Getting ready for friends who come once a month to do cardmaking with me

    1. Sherry Lynn

      Sherry Lynn

      Wish I was close enough to be joining you Anne-Marie, have fun!

    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Have fun! I hope you take pictures!

    3. Durin


      How fun! I bet you all have a blast! :)

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  18. I have decided to come back here at Scrap Girls and be more involved again.

    1. mimes1


      Welcome Back!

    2. Sherry Lynn

      Sherry Lynn

      Oh Anne-Marie I am so happy to hear this --- welcome back!

    3. SarahBat
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  19. Belated Happy Birthday thoughts to you.

  20. This afternoon ( well if it afternoon here in Australia ) I took part in the Mess or Masterpiece and really did enjoy it. I am hoping to again be more involved here.

    1. AggieB


      I missed that, but it was fun last year. So glad to see you back on the board.